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Oct 11, 2010 02:28 PM

Yet another gnocchi query...

I've seen a lot of Food Network chefs make ricotta gnocchi instead of making potatoes, and the Internet community seems to agree that it's the more foolproof way to make them without winding up with a chewy disaster... But I don't like the taste of ricotta, personally, but I sometimes like it as an ingredient.

So, does ricotta gnocchi taste like dry yucky ricotta or is it more like a cheesy dumpling?

I'd like to try and make them, Since I'm not the most talented chef and am not eager to attempt potato gnocchi.

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  1. In general, ricotta gnocchi do have a ricotta flavor, which makes sense since they're mostly ricotta. Like potato gnocchi, the flavor can be easily overwhelmed by a strong sauce.

    I wonder though, since ricotta is so mild, whether it's the taste of ricotta that bothers you or the texture. If it's that later, you actually might like ricotta gnocchi - it wont have that gritty creaminess of plain ricotta cheese, or at least they'll be less loose and wet. Also, if you brown them, the main flavor is the general one of sauteed cheese, so it sort of depends on how you prepare em.