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Oct 11, 2010 01:34 PM

Christmas in London

I am going to be in London with my family and I realize lots of stuff closes down on Dec. 24,25,26, so I would like to get some ideas of where one could eat. I imagine that there are the up-scale expensive venues, and I would like to hear about some of those, but also some alternative places one might try that are a little different or just not so up-scale. Also we will be spending some time in Oxford at that time, too, so if you have any interesting suggestions there that would be great as well. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Old Parsonage in Oxford is a great hotel and should have something special during the holidays. I recommend calling them or checking their website -- it's certainly the best spot in Oxford.

    1. The Magdalen Arms in Oxford has gotten good reviews this year. It's run by the people who were at Anchor & Hope in London. I've been meaning to try it one of these days. The cafe at the Ashmoleon is pleasant enough but I thought a bit overpriced. It makes for a nice stop after seeing the renovated museum.

      1. The Lebanese restaurants on the Edgware Road by Marble Arch are all open. I can't recommend a specific one though. Anyone else?

        1. it's worth doing a search as this thread comes up each year. obviously who is open will vary but it will give you some ideas - i tend to eat out on xmas eve and i've written before about previous years..

          1. Damn
            I thought I found a good deal - Gordon Ramsey at Claridges for 90 quid as the evening standard stated - however when I tried to book its 185 quid more than twice the price - not going to pay that much - so cooking my own lunch - if anyone has a link to a list of places that's doing christmas lunch this year , it'll be really useful.