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Oct 11, 2010 01:27 PM

Please help organize my bar, I mean short visit.

Good Day All,

I will be in town for a short visit with my GF in 2 wks. We will have all day Saturday and half the day Sunday to get down to business. My favorite way to explore a city is to bar hop, all the while sight-seeing, and tasting the local fare. I was looking for chill, local spots along the way. I definitely want to do some breakfast in the North End, even if it's just an espresso and a pastry, I've spent time in Cambridge before and would probably rather not go back during this trip since I've been there. My ideal places would be an ecclectic mix, with good beers. Food would be great, but we won't eat at every place so I dont need gastropub after gastropub. Markets are great, dives are great, we are very flexible and will be staying at the Hostel Internationall at Boylston and Hemenway. i think it's near Hynes Convention and Fenway. I don't necessarily need low end prices, although who doesn't like to save a buck? Any can't miss pub dishes, lobster rolls(sorry-in-advance), etc.? If you were taking some friends out for a little sight-seeing pub crawl with a snack in between what would you do? Where would you go? Not really interested in burgers or ethnic since I can get that a pretty solid offering of that in Philly. We will be on foot, but are not opposed to public transportation by any means. Preferably we would be walking everywhere though. Hopefully this isn't a redundant question. Thank you.

Lastly, we will be leaving Sunday afternoon. i was hoping to find a bar that I may be able to catch the Eagles game at 1pm. Anywhere around the South Station that has the NFL ticket by chance?


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  1. One of my favorite places to drink in Boston is Cross Roads. It's a dive upstairs -- the ladies' room has less legroom than a seat at Fenway -- and though the downstairs has gotten nicer and they stopped serving the food in plastic baskets, it's still an unpretentious place. The onion strings are pure greasy deliciousness. It's also between Hynes and Kenmore, so it might be a good place to end your night.

    Cross Roads Irish Pub
    495 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02215

    1. If you're in the Hynes/Fenway area and you like good beer, Bukowski Tavern and The Lower Depths are musts. The Other Side has a smaller but excellent and typically New England-focused list. All are within reasonable walking distance from each other.

      Other Side Cafe
      407 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

      Lower Depths
      476 Commonwealth Ave Ste 1, Boston, MA 02215

      1. There are some good bars near where you are staying. Lower Depths has one of the better beer lists in Boston proper. Boston Beer Works is a decent brew pub (nowhere near as good as Cambridge Brewing Company). Eastern Standard is one of the best places for cocktails in the city. Otherside Cafe has a good beer list. But if you are starting your saturday in the North End you would be better off going to those places towards the end of your night since those neighborhoods aren't too close. Most people will suggest Nepture Oyster in the north end for best lobster roll.

        Here are some ideas that are close to the North End/downtown
        Silvertone- Cheap but great food, chill vibe
        Stoddards- Solid beer list, awesome interior
        Drink- Best cocktail bar, near south station
        Sissy K's-Dollar drafts
        Jacob Wirth- Fun german bar, good beers
        Q- new sleek Chinatown spot with cocktails, hotpots and sushi
        Marliave- Oldschool feel in a cool building
        Teatro- Windows from bar area overlook the Common

        Other than downtown and the fenway area, other spots with tons of bars/restaurants are:
        South End (love The Gallows, Franklin Cafe, Delux Cafe)
        Boylston Street in Back Bay
        Allston (check out Sunset Grill for beers and Deep Ellum for beers/cocktails)

        Eastern Standard
        528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

        Delux Cafe
        100 Chandler St, Boston, MA 02116

        177 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111

        Cambridge Brewing Company
        1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 02139

        Jacob Wirth Restaurant
        31 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

        69 Bromfield St, Boston, MA 02108

        10 Bosworth Street, Boston, MA 02108

        Deep Ellum Bar
        477 Cambridge St, Allston, MA 02134

        Boston Beer Works
        61 Brookline Ave Ste 2, Boston, MA 02215

        Lower Depths
        476 Commonwealth Ave Ste 1, Boston, MA 02215

        Sunset Grill
        916 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

        1. You are describing my kind of day in a new city.
          If you are near Fenway, stop into Eastern Standard. They have some great starters and very good drinks. The atmosphere is nice too.
          If you are walking through the financial district, stop into Mr. Dooley's for a good pint and you might catch some music. They also serve up massive portions of Irish comfort foods in case you are really hungry or to share.
          For the game on Sunday, The Times isn't too far from South Station. It is right on the Green Way. I caught a couple World Cup games there and really liked the clam chowder.
          Have fun

          Eastern Standard
          528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

          1. You've got to go to the Liberty Hotel bar, Alibi. The building is a former jail. Very cool.