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Oct 11, 2010 01:19 PM

Recommendations Near Convention Center

A group of us will be in town mid-November for a convention and are looking for good places for lunch/dinner near the PA Convention Center? Any recommendations?

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  1. Did you try searching the board first for "convention center?" This topic gets covered a lot. If there are specific things you want or don't want, ask away, because there are a lot of "good places" close to and within walking distance of the convention center.
    The Reading Terminal Market and Chinatown are right there, so that could easily cover lunch and dinner. The 13th Street corridor has lots to choose from: Lolita, Bindi, Barbuzzo, Zavino, El Vez, Sampan, etc.

    1. They're chains but Maggiano's is right there and McCormick and Schmicks is on the other side of City Hall.

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        There are dozens of good, unique restaurants in walking or short cab distance from the Convention Center, so no need to settle for a mediocre chain. OP needs to narrow the question to get quality responses.

        Lunch at Reading Terminal Market is a no brainer, though. Go at least once.

      2. Some of the suggested restaurants don't have lunch and are BYOB as well as a long walk away from the Convention Center. Check out details. All are solid suggestions.

        1. For lunch I recommend the Reading Terminal Market. If you want a more relaxed sit down experience Marathon Grill has great sandwiches and salads.

          1. Lunch: Reading Terminal Market for sure, although it can get obscenely crowded during big conventions. But there's something there for everybody. Rangoon or Vietnam Palace in Chinatown are good bets as well. XIX has an amazing lunch deal for $19 in a super-classy setting.

            Avoid all the boring mediocre chains near the convention center like Maggianos, McCormick & Schmidt, Melting Pot, Chilis, Hard Rock, etc.

            Tell us more what you're looking for and you'll get lots of good dinner recs. There are many good choices in the area.

            Hard Rock Cafe
            1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

            Melting Pot
            1601 Concord Pike Ste 47, Wilmington, DE 19803