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Oct 11, 2010 01:09 PM

Golden Crown Dynasty Cuisine, Richmond Hill - Another GOOD dim sum place for your list!

Another statutory holiday, another Dim Sum lunch! This time at Golden Crown Dynasty Cuisine inside Richlane Mall on 9425 Leslie Street. I'm glad to report - another decent find!

We arrived after the rush so the place was only 3/4 full. Because of its ultra high ceiling, this must be one of the most serene and quiet Chinese restaurant in town!

The four of us had the following:

- Supreme crystal shrimp dumplings ( Har Gau ).
- Steamed chicken feet in special house sauce.
- Braised beef tendons
- B-B-Q pork buns
- Egg tofu and cilantro rice noodle ( cheung fun ).
- Crispy shrimp triangle with fruit salad mayo.
- Crispy shredded chicken and taro spring rolls
- Minced meat taro croquettes
- Stewed five spice tripe and beef innards
- Chiu Chow style pigs stomach, ginko nuts, white peppercorn and preserved mustard green stew.
- Salted porks bone and mustard green rice congee.
- Steamed milk custard with ginger essence.
- Papaya and milk pastry puffs.
- Baked egg custard tart

What we ordered barely scratched the surface of a very extensive and varied dim sum menu!!

Every dishes we ordered border on good to excellent with only one disappointment - the chicken feet, which were not tender enough. Stand outs include the Har Gau which was one of the best I've eaten in TO recently ( Reddragon, this should be better than your Kar Lung Court Har Gau fiasco?! Ha! ). Perfectly steamed with thin and intact skin and crunchy shrimp filling. The Chiu Chow pigs stomach/gongko nut stew, which was very peppery and flavourful. The broth was so good!! The flavourful rice congee with its nice texture was very enjoyable. Love those salted porks bone. However, the real stand out were those 'piping hot' egg tarts. Freshly baked, they were simply amazing!

Holiday pricing is $2.50/$3.50/$4.50 and $5.50 for XL
They do have early bird ( 8:00 to 12:00 ) and afternoon tea ( 2:00 to 4:30 ) specials whence all dim sum is $2.30 across the board!

Our bill with food, tax and tips came to $60.00

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  1. What a large and varied menu, I'm going to try this place out for sure, thanks Charles.

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    1. re: childofthestorm

      Yes! There were indeed some very interesting and uncommon dishes. I need to go back for a second visit too!
      Need to try their:
      - Crispy Abalone pastry puff
      - Smoked ham and taro roll with Thai sauce
      - Escargot pie with Portuguese sauce?!
      - Layered Mango sponge cake
      -Deep fried pig's intestine! ( for lunch?! )
      - Fried white smeltings with pepper spicy salt
      -Taiwanese stirred fry
      - Deep fry crispy dumpling with minced meat and peanuts ( chewy, yes but not crispy?! )

      May be I'll bump into you?!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Possible! I'm the white guy with the Indian wife and the toddler girl standing on her chair with sticky rice all over her face. We tend to stand out at dim sum in Richmond Hill.

    2. Do you recall if earlybird applies to weekends?

      Anyways, thanks for the tip. I will put it on the list.

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      1. re: szw

        Early bird does apply to the weekends but NOT holidays. However time is from 8.00 to 11.00 only!

      2. I haven't had dim sum here in a while but this is a fav haunt of my pops. He knows the gm there and you know how that goes w/ older Chinese people. They love to shoot the ish w/ the gm and get them discounts.

        The last time I had dim sum there it was avg at best, but I've been for dinner w/ my pops and had some decent dishes. Perhaps we got preferrential treatment as a result of his friendship...

        I still don't know the full story behind why this plaza is "haunted".

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        1. re: aser

          Ah! So you knew about the washroom at the basement too!!

          Well, with most dim sum places quality going downhill these days, I'll settle for good average products provided quality is 'consistent'! Besides, its something different from the usual list of Yasng's Emperor, Casa's....etc. And LWH is way too far!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            I've gotta ask: what's the story about the washroom?

            1. re: stw

              Inquiring minds want to know!

              1. re: mrsleny

                It's supposedly haunted, you hear a woman's voice crying and such. I don't know the origins of the story though....

                1. re: aser

                  The restaurant itself my parents have been going to since the place opened since they're good friends with the owner. In the beginning we found the food to be really, good, but lately it's hit or miss. But the one dish that all of you should try would be the shrimp dumplings with XO sauce on top.

                  As for the haunted bathroom, my cousin's fiance has seen the top half of a male figure dressed in army fatigue.

                  1. re: PrincessStress

                    I'm loving this haunted ghost story, sounds like the perfect place for Halloween dim sum. I'll report back if it's a male or female. It's the men's washroom, right?

                    1. re: Learn2CooknEat

                      it would be more interesting if the half fatigued man was in the womens washroom.. my gf also is scared of going to the washroom there for some reason...

                  2. re: aser

                    Sounds like a common haunted washroom story. I used to hear the exact same story when I was a kid about a chinese restaurant in Calgary. Even in high school I felt weird going to the washroom in that restaurant!

                    1. re: szw

                      Just went yesterday. Very impressed. Everything fresh. The calamari in pepper and salt was fantastic. Will be visiting again very soon.

          2. In RichmondHill I would recommend Casa Imperial - 4125 Steeles Ave E, - Surprising building - Surprising good food

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            1. re: lamaranthe

              IMHO, not worth it for the price!!
              Fancy plating aside, there are plenty of restaurants in the 'Hwy#7/Warden/ Bayview/ Major Mac' area that offer equally good quality Dim Sum but at a much attractive price level.

              1. re: lamaranthe

                Irrespective of the food, 4125 Steeles Ave East is in "Richmond Hill" in the same sense that Montreal is in "Ontario" - i.e. it is not.

              2. Charles, thanks for alerting me to this chowpal and I (he is recovering from spinal surgery and this was his first time out of the house except for medical appts.) went for dim sum today...very enjoyable and lots of room for him to manoeuvre his walker!!!!). We enjoyed everything we ordered..

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                1. re: tochowchick

                  You are most welcome! Glad to hear it!
                  Guess your friend was in no condition to venture downstairs to try out the 'haunted' washroom?! Ha!!

                  1. re: Charles Yu

           stairs for him and I actually forgot time!!!