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Oct 11, 2010 01:01 PM

Birthday Reccomendation?

Hey guys, my parents would like to take me out to dinner this Thursday, and I was looking for some suggestions to eat at.
Serving roughly 6 people so Id like for the price to be fair, no more than $12 an entree.
The place could be adventurous but friendly toward younger palette since my younger brother and sister will be coming, 12&14 y/o.
We arent picky eaters by any means, ethnicity is a plus.
Location would be most ideal in the Garland / Plano / Richardson area.
Mainly I just want to have a good meal thats a bit out of the ordinary, but not too foreign to fit their needs. Nothing fancy, I prefer good food over the fluff and decor.
Last year I took them to a Vietnamese place which got mixed reviews, but overall positive.
Thanks in advance guys.

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  1. Noodle Wave, a Thai restaurant on the border between Dallas and Richardson.

    Noodle Wave
    1490 W Spring Valley Rd, Richardson, TX 75080

    1. Saigon Block (the whole fish seems popular, I haven't had it), Jasmine Thai (get the fried water spinach!), Masami if you're into sushi, La Me (lots of discussion of it here).

      1. Plenty of Chinese places where you can get as adventurous as you would like. I've enjoyed Umeko, Kirin Court, and First Chinese BBQ (cash only) in those areas.

        First Chinese BBQ
        Richardson, TX, Richardson, TX

        Kirin Court Restaurant
        221 W Polk St, Richardson, TX 75081

        1. I would probably go with Royal Sichuan I have attached the menu in the pictures. I would start with three items off the cold plates, the greens of the day, the chili bamboo shoots, and the spiced chicken gizzards (the gaminess is removed). You could get 3 plates of those so everyone can have a good bit those are $6 for 3 options. I would start off the menu items with 3 of either the Spicy Cold Noodle (if it happens to be hot outside) or the Szechuan Flavor Noodle (A5 or A6 - $4.95). Basically these dishes could be a full meal as they are filling in of themselves paired with the cold plates. A safe dish would be the Chongquin Deep Fried Chicken with Roasted Chili (C22 - $9.95). The Smoked Tea Duck Szechuan Style is always a hit with large crowds I would say one plate for 6 (C3 – $10.95). I really enjoy the Sichuan Boiled Fish and I am not sure which version it is on their menu; Steamed Fish in Soft Tofu Pot (E5 – $10.95) or Sliced Fish in Fiery Sauce (F6 - $10.95). If you have tofu lovers the Stir Fired Tofu in Hot Sauce would be a good dish aka MaPo Tofu (P1 – $7.95). If you need some veggies Braised Eggplant with Garlic (Q9 - $7.95), the Dry Fried String Bean (Q10 - $7.95), or Three Kinds of Edible Fungi (Mushrooms) Served on a Sizzling Plate (J7 – $11.95). This should get you a great memorable meal and come in roughly on budget at $74.
          $18 for the Cold plates
          $15 for the Szechuan Flavor Noodles
          $10 for the Chongquin Fried Chicken
          $11 for the Tea Smoked Duck
          $8 for a Veggie
          $12 for the Fish

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          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            I agree about the Dry fried beans, and the tea-smoked duck, and the sliced fish in fiery sauce (that's what's typically called water-boiled fish). All delicious. I thought the Ma Po Tofu was ok, and the mushrooms were a bit bland for my taste. Haven't tried the other stuff.

            Savory Hot Shrimp is also outstanding - I get it pretty much every time I eat there. It's fried shrimp - typically they're beautifully fried, light and very crisp - tossed in a wok with chilies, onions, scallions and peanuts. The peanuts might be the best part - I could eat a bowl of just those stir fried in the chili oil. Ask for it extra hot.

          2. Betchee's Brazil would be interesting but you'd have to stretch the budget a little bit. I like their rodizio more than the pricier places you typically hear about (Fogo, Texas De Brazil etc).