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Oct 11, 2010 12:43 PM

King Wong in Medford NJ

I'd kind of given up on good Chinese in our area, but several month ago read a good review in the local paper for King Wong, on Route 70 on the Marlton/Medford border. It's a bit of a ride from where I live, but well worth it. I love soup and the Hot and Sour soup here is absolutely delicious. Chock full of vegetables and mushrooms and about the best I've ever had. I also love their Won-Ton soup. Singapore noodles, lo mien and Mongolian beef are all excellent. But it's the soup that keeps me coming back. I buy it by the quart and freeze it. You can't even make it at home for half the price they charge here. Everything is freshly prepared, no MSG, and the freshest vegetables. The owner, Sonny, is so friendly and proud to tell you about how he makes his food. It's a pleasure doing business with someone who clearly appreciates the repeat customer and goes out of his way to serve you. It's just a store front place, with a few tables in the front. Pretty charm free, it's really more of a take out place. If you're ever in the area, stop by for some soup, you won't be disappointed. (BTW: no relation to the other King Wongs in the area; both the Cherry Hill and Marlton location in Kings Grant are no longer owned by Sonny). It;s about a half mile from the Dutch Wagon Farmers Market, if you want to make it a day trip.

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  1. I'll definitely give it a try. My husband loves Ming Garden at the Ellisburg Circle but I just think it's meh...I'm a sucker for good won ton soup that tastes home made like Joe's Peking Duck, my other favorite Chinese restaurant. Whenever I'm sick, I send my husband out for their won ton soup and it's so good I even serve it as part of my Christmas Eve Dinner meal.

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      Tried Ming Garden many times, my opinion is the same as yours! It's close to me, but that's about it. On another site I read rave reviews about the Oriental Pearl in Haddonfield and how their hot and sour soup was 'hands down' the best anywhere. Gave it a try 2 weeks ago and what a disappointment. It had maybe 3-4 small slivers of black trumpet mushrooms in the entire quart. The soup itself was mainly egg white and some spice. What you get at King Wong is layers of flavor in their hot and sour soup. I haven't been to Joe's Peking Duck in years. It had kind of slid a bit and I think that's why I stopped going. It's good to hear a favorable report on it though.

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        I may have written about Oriental Pearl's H&S soup but that was years ago when it was great. Their current version is what you describe. It is a far cry from what they made just a few years ago. Another victim of the depression.

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          Hmmm, maybe it was you! Anyway, the dumplings were decent from Oriental Pearl, and the people who own it and work there are so's a shame the food isn't so great.