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Oct 11, 2010 12:16 PM

Artisanal Hot dogs in Houston

Having lived in New Jersey where I had a choice of at least 3 german butchers in a five mile circle of my house I miss good homemade hot dogs with plenty of garlic and natural casings. Does anyone know of anyplace in Houston or the burbs that has them?

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  1. This Jersey native (Paterson) would be interested as well.. I've settled on what I found to be the best restaurant hot dog in the city, IMHO and its found at Barnaby's on W Gray/or Shepherd. they are giant mutant dogs, sliced down the middle, grilled (not boiled in oil, like Jersey), all beef, w/plenty of snap and flavor.. Add chili, or cheese if you like ( I miss the "all the way" sauce ala Falls View/Libby's/Johnny and Hanges).. The soft bun serves as a nice pillow with a touch of sweetness. Add a little Guldens and wow,, you gotta dawg.. Fries are pretty tasty here too,, esp the sweet potato fries!

    1. What I would like to know is the NE style of bun and if anyone has it in Houston. That lobster roll/hot dog bun that's like a squat loaf of white bread that's cut real thick and then butterflied for use. I had many a lobster roll in Boston and some hotdogs outside Fenway that were all in this style of bread, but I've never seen it down here, anyone know where to get it?

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        I found Split top Hotdog/lobster roll at Fiesta and Randalls Kings Hawaiian brand

      2. Neither Houston nor Texas is hot dog country. The immigrant butchers who landed here specialized in coarse ground sausages, not frankfurter style. I don't know of any butcher in Houston that makes wieners although there probably is one.

        You can get Nathan's NC at Randalls Flagship, Boar's Head NC at Kroger SIgnature. City Eats up in Kingwood serves and sells Sabrett's and Zweigel's White Hots from Rochester. You can get franks from Andy's and Bobak's in Chicago at the Polish grocery store and Russian General Store.

        This guy imports Hofmann's from Syracuse and has them on the menu at a couple of places up on Sawdust: .

        Look on his site under how to serve; he has a bakery up on 249 that will bake the NE style split top rolls or a facsimile.

        That's about it.

        If you ever head out toward San Antonio on 90 or 90A, stop in some of the small town butcher shops (German, Czech). Some of them make their own wieners and may be to you liking but you're just not going to find anything like the options you had in NJ. Every part of the country has their specialties and frankfurters is not one of ours around here. Patek's and Maeker's in Shiner make skinless franks; City Market in Schulenburg makes a frank that I think is NC (have only had them once, a long time ago).

        Or consider trying pencil links or even breakfast links from some of these small butcher shops.

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          Thanks, I know about Randall's etc. But didn't know the polish deli sold dogs. The last time I was there they didn't have them. I'm giving them a try.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              City Eats is a great little restaurant. Some of the best dogs and sandwiches I've ever had. The owners are super nice and accommodating. If you are looking for a taste of the NE, and specifically NJ, this is the place to go to. Downside is that it's a tiny restaurant with only two or three tables.

              Also, years ago I lived in Western Massachusetts. The area had small hot dogs that were locally made. Two restaurants that come to mind are Theo's and the Hot Dog Ranch. Both were great. I wish we had those type of dogs here.

              I must also add that Patek's in Moulton has great sausage and hot dogs. Try their Suicide Sausage - great coarse grind laced with hot peppers.

        2. Give Moon Tower Inn on Canal street a try -- they've got artisanal dogs, made with a variety of different meats (lamb, wild boar, rabbit, duck) in natural casings and use prezel roll buns that can stand up to the hot dog. VERY tasty!

          1. Texas Highways Magazine had a really good article in the October issue about "haute dogs" in Texas. Although it is kind of silly to think the standard NJ dog could be haute anywhere!

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              Central Market has a very good selection of dogs..usually just buy sabrett's or nathans. Former NY girl myself. Have been to Barnaby's many times but haven't had the hot dog yet...think I'll try that next time based on previous post above.