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Oct 11, 2010 12:10 PM

ISO a recipe for spicy pork tacos

We stop at a little Mexican place not too far away where my son always orders spicy pork tacos. They are small, served on a double corn tortilla, with cheese and lettuce. The pork is in small chunks and has a nice spicy bite to it. So far, my google search has not turned up anything similar to what we get there -- most of the recipes call for ground pork it seems. Any Mexican aficionados out there with a recipe for something similar?

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  1. Is it possible that the pork is small-dice carnitas?

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    1. re: Perilagu Khan

      I really don't know. I love Mexican food, but rarely cook it and don't know the specific terms for certain types of food. They call them spicy pork tacos.

    2. Sounds like tacos al pastor, or carne adobada.

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      1. re: jorjagirl

        Don't tacos al pastor have pineapple in them? These definitely didn't.

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          It doesn't seem to be any of these, but an interesting link!

        2. I make my own. Easiest thing in the world, at least for me. I ask the butcher to cut a nice, fatty boneless shoulder or butt into small pieces to stir-fry for tacos. I put the meat on a warm tortilla and add whatever hot stuff I want.