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Oct 11, 2010 11:40 AM

Back from Memphis report on Bar B Que

I will start with Payne's. The reviews on Chowhound tended to say great or the worst. I agree, The chopped pork is great, could be the best. The cole slaw is the worst I have ever had. My feeling is the people who think it is the worst had cole slaw on their sandwich and the people who say it is the best skipped the cole slaw or like their weird variety of slaw. So when you go to Payne's, order the cole slaw on the side and then after a taste throw it out or just skip the slaw.
Rendezvouz - I got the small lunch (Dry Ribs, cole slaw, beans and a biscuit). I loved it. Be forewarned, for lunch your choice is a small rib plate or a large rib plate. This is not a bad choice since ribs are the reason to eat there.
Central, I ordered a rib plate 1/2 wet and1/2 half dry. Big mistake, should have gone with dry all the way. Onion rings so so, beans good. The people next to me had a bag of the potato chips. I tried some. The chips were spiced with something so I was not unhappy that I did not order them. A tip, when you walk in, there are 4-6 beer taps on your right. I missed these and ordered a bottle of something I did not really want. So look for the taps to see what they have.

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  1. Glad you liked the bbq at Payne's. To each his own on the slaw, I guess. I don't particularly love it on its own, but I think it is the perfect condiment on the sandwich. The neon greenish-yellow color and the mustard/pickle flavor (not really sure what all is in the recipe) do make it a little unusual.

    1. we go to Memphis twice a year(birthdays)---don't like Paynes much--for some reason really like Ribs at the Rendevous. Think the Commissary(germantown) is about the best in the area(pies rock too)--best pork is at Morris Grocery in Eads, Tn(east of memphis abit)--maybe the best pork sandwich(only choice) in many years of bbq in 15states!

      1. Regarding Payne's, I always get the slaw on my chopped pork sandwich, and I love it. In fact, it's the best BBQ sandwich I've ever had. Something about the way that slaw mixes with the copped pork and the hot BBQ sauce is divine!

        1. I like the slaw on the sandwiches at Payne's! It gives them a special flavor.

          And oddly enough, I always order the 1/2 wet and 1/2 dry at Central- probably ordered that 10 times and always seem to like the wet ribs better there. But I like dry ribs better than wet normally, so I can't ever make myself order the wet only!

          Weird... To each his own I guess!

          1. They all sound good! We are looking forward to trying them BUT!!!!!
            We will be in Memphis from Thanksgiving to the end of the year & VERY BUSY!
            We love all kinds of food but need places close to the intersection of Union and Pauline, probably will need to do a lot of take-out! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

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              Saigon Le is a very reasonable Asian joint 6/7 blocks E of your location that offers take out. Call and get them to fax you a menu. Tucker's will serve take out and deliver it to you. It's 7/8 blocks E of your location and open on Sunday. BBQ Shop is a block E of Tucker's. Medical Center Deli offers free delivery. It's on Pauline just N of your location. They also offer catering for business breakfast or lunch meetings. The Cupboard Restaurant is a few blocks E of your location open for a good country breakfast, lunch or dinner 7 days a week. I don't know if they deliver but I'm sure they have takeout.

              Saigon Le @ 51 N Cleveland Street, Memphis, TN 901 - 276 - 5326.
              Tucker's Pizza, Wings and Subs @ 1607 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 901 - 274 - 0333.
              BBQ Shop @ 1782 Madison Ave., Memphis, TN. 901 - 272 - 1277.
              Medical Center Deli @ 80 N Pauline Street, Memphis, TN 901 - 525 - 0819.
              The Cupboard Restaurant @ 1400 Union Ave., Memphis, TN 901 - 276 - 8015.