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Oct 11, 2010 11:08 AM

Going to Paris, where do we start?

We are taking our small children and going to Paris for a few days. I see pages and pages listed for kosher restaraunts. Where do we start? My kids are well behaved, but I need places that are at least a little family friendly. We only have a few days and I really want to make the most of them.

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  1. What area of the city are you staying in? When I was in Paris recently, we stayed near the Louvre. The kosher restaurants were about a 30 minute ride by Metro. We were told those restaurants were a bit higher end and more expensive.

    There were several kosher restaurants in the Marais district, which was not too far from our hotel. We went there most of the time and we also went to a small dairy cafe on the Seine right near the Louvre. The restaurants in the Marais are definitely family friendly- especially the falafel place. It was full of families when we went on a Sunday night.

    1. Try

      Has all the kosher restaurants by area. We found it very helpful.
      There are a number of pizza type places that would be family friendly.
      What area will you be staying in?

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        It looks like we are in the 9th district near the Buffault Synagogue. Also close to Synagogue de le Victoire. There are some restaraunts around, I guess i just wanted to know if there are really any that we must try, and if it's feasible to try to go to these places with our children in-tow.

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          In the 9th, Izaaki is really unique - very good Japanese food. But if you are looking for cheap and cheerful, try Chez Jonathan in r. de Faubourg Montmartre (No. 24 - I am not sure) This street runs into r. Buffault, so you can walk.