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Oct 11, 2010 10:54 AM

Looking for Costa D'oro olive oil

Has anyone spotted costa d'oro extra virgin olive oil anywhere in the Montreal/Laval area recently? Not exactly a pricey or unusual item, but I'm striking out. This used to be a staple of mine in the states, and I'm hoping to be able to find it locally if possible. I've tried Marche Gourmand and Marche 440 in Laval as well as a couple of local IGAs, but no such luck. I don't make the treck out to Jean Talon often to see if its carried there, but would make it a point to stop in if I knew it was available there, or somewhere else in the area.

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  1. Bought a bottle a couple of weeks ago at the Park Ave. outlet of Supermarché PA. ExoFruits on Côte-des-Neiges usually stocks it too, though at $2 more a bottle than PA.

    1. I just bought a bottle of Costa D'oro Il Grezzo EVOO at Boucherie Tranzo on Somerled in NDG

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        I bought some of that, too, at ExoFruits. But it's meant mainly for seasoning, not cooking. See

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          Costa D'Oro Il Grezzo EVVO is readily available at Costco. Bought a liter bottle for $7.99 last Saturday.

        2. Sorry to hijack but any help finding Frantoia olive oil would be much appreciated:

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            They sell both Costa D'oro and Frantoia at Capitol Butcher in the market.
            they sell a very large variety of olive oil at Capitol in the Jean-Talon Market.
            at least over 50 different types as well as a huge variety of balsamic vinagers and balsamic reductions.

            Jean-Talon Market
            7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

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              You are a prince among men. Thank you and godspeed.

            2. I've often seen it at the Intermarchés that carry "International" items and it often goes on sale there - keep your eyes peeled. Unfortunately the Intermarché flyer (it is a banner of Loblaws, like Provigo and Maxi) doesn't seem to be online yet - I've checked out and the Loblaws site.

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                thats because its not a banner of Loblaws, a few stores are owned by 2 italian brothers, my friend worked at the one in Laval

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                  Thanks for the correction. They carry a lot of PC products, but perhaps it is a different type of arrangement. I saw litres of Costa d'Oro on sale for $5,98 a couple of weeks ago - a special that recurs from time to time. It is a decent all-purpose olive oil. Would anyone have a critique of their "organic" olive oil which has popped up here recently?

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                    Thanks for everyone's tips - I picked up a couple of bottles at Capitol Butcher today. I have not had the chance to try Costa d'Oro's organic oil, but L'estronell makes a decent organic oil that I like to use on salads.

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                  I bought a litre of Costa d'Oro extra virgin olive oil at the Intermarché on avenue du Parc (between St-Viateur and Bernard) for $5,99. Their sales run through Wednesday. I think it is a sale at all their stores, including the ones in Laval, but you'd have to check your flyer.