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Oct 11, 2010 10:27 AM

Kitchen Destruction?

When you cook do you destroy your kitchen? I'm not talking about warming something from a can. Real cooking from scratch, cooking that takes all day and has multiple steps. When I make Lasagna from scratch, I cook a sauce for 6-7 hours and make my own pasta, I use the food processor to grind the meat and mix the pasta dough (yes I clean it in between). At the end there can be a stacks of dishes, sauce splatters and flour everywhere.

Am I alone?


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  1. I'm sure you're not alone, but I clean as I go. My kitchen isn't that big, so I can't work if the counter tops and sink are full of dishes. And I don't thrive on chaos.

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      My kitchen is actually fairly large but I am also a "clean as you go" type of cook. I've gotten much better at that as I've gotten older - when I was younger I was more prone to leave a mess but as I've become more experienced, I'm better at pacing myself and knowing how much time to allot for tasks, including quick wipedowns of prep surfaces as I go along.

      I pride myself on being able to have guests over for a multi-course meal, knowing that the kitchen is entirely presentable as they arrive, minutes before the first course hits the table.

    2. Try baking a dozen things in a day and you'll learn the habits of cleaning as you go out of necessity.

      1. I'm another clean as I go person, I can and have cooked xmas lunch for 24 and when ready to serve there's nothing to clean except the dishes things are cooking in. Same as cooking for just me, making a cup of coffee, a cake or anything from scratch from 1 person to multiple. I have plenty of space, 2 sinks, lots of pots, pans, wooden spoons but I can't bear to cook in a war zone.

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          It appears I am alone in a wilderness of compulsive cleaners.


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            lol but I would still come for dinner !! (just don't ask me to do your dishes at the end) :)

        2. You are not quite alone. I do very well if I am making something like a soup, and I have time between various stages to do a little washing (I don't have a dishwasher). But if the recipe is more involved, and I have to move quickly, or I get a late start and don't have time to do *all* my prep and placing beforehand, and the boyfriend comes home really hungry, then it can get ugly fast.

          And then there are the nights I have a movie (or chowhound) on the laptop that I keep on the butcher's block, and a glass of wine by my hand. I don't much care which type I am then. I was in the business for a few years, and it is a luxury to be that relaxed.

          1. I'm with you. Big dinner for friends Saturday, husband did the putting away of the food and loaded what he could in the dw, I got up the next am and spent a solid hour getting the rest of it done. I try to have the dw empty when entertaining to stow things as I go but sometimes things just get away from me.