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Oct 11, 2010 10:06 AM

Goomba's has some serious eats

There's this little place on route 309 next to a beer distibutor... it's called Goomba's.

It's all takeout but they have a table and chairs out front if you can't make it home, they deliver too.

You walk in and the sights and smells transport you to 9th Street... they deliver on their statement of "bringing South Philly to the Burbs" in so many ways

there's all kinds of house made marinated olives, cheeses, peppers, salamis right there when you walk in the door.

if you like fried hots, you'll LOVE their fried hots... they're nicely done, soft but not mushy, don't know what they do to them to bring up their natural sweetness, and then they bite you with their heat....

their hoagies are served on Sarcone's style rolls, with the sesame seeds, they're not too dense but not that fluffy stuff that so many places in the burbs will put a hoagie on...nice bite and chew to it (very important)

We've gotten food there a few times and I'm surprised it's not reviewed, so here goes:

Wings: get either the Spicy Garlic or Chef's special Chinese Style, they're both awesome!

Chinese are this nice balance of sweet/savory dark mahogany wings with just a hint of some heat... they're sticky, messy and delicous

Spicy garlic are crispy and deliver exactly as the name says, a nice kick and that wonderful fresh garlic that perfumes the skin and meat...

their wings are always done just right too. Never soggy or underdone. (nothing worse than a half cooked chicken wing, hey' it's happened to me at other places)

Sangiches (sorry, Sandwhiches)
anything with the chicken cutlet on it

they hand bread chicken cutlets and cook them to order...they're delicous! HAND BREADED COOKED TO ORDER, try getting that at any other pizza/sandwich shop around town! GET THE CHICKEN CUTLET ALLA RABE
the provolone is the REAL stuff too, it stings your tongue a little... they don't load it on, they're smart... just enough to flavor, not over power,

some of my other sandwich faves are The Godfather - lil' Santino - and the combolino

Oh, and the Meatball Parm....
They have some good meatballs! They taste like they're home made... I cannot say enough about the meatball parm except that maybe I love their meatball parm as much as I love their chicken cutlet with rabe' and provolone...

I've never had any of their pasta dishes, but I think they're on our horizon soon... they sound awesome and all of their food is really top quality ingredients, so we may have a hidden gem for something other than hoagies and sandwiches

I've also never had their pizza but they have some pretty tasty sounding combo's if you're into adventerous toppings!

Check em' out

Goomba's Pizzeria
739 Bethlehem Pike, Colmar
(Next to the Beer Stop

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  1. everything there is amazing. the sandwiches are totally righteous. you cannot go wrong at this place!

    1. Goomba's is the bomb!!!!

      1. Well, I finally decided to try Goomba's last night based on the great reviews. I was shocked when I called for delivery that they were completely out of bread/rolls. Since I was planning on ordering sandwiches this obviously didn't work. I guess I will give them another shot in a couple weeks. I just don't understand how they could be out of bread on a Sunday night. Very disappointing!

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        1. re: MontcoPeep

          They probably get their weekend supply on Saturday. They're not going to order more than they need, so sometimes, they'll run out. Just a guess. I mean, there are Center City places that run out of bread at lunch time.

          1. re: MontcoPeep

            Really, not that surprising. Halloween night is a big take out night (at least it was in my household and the steak shops where I worked), but local biz doesn't factor in that holiday.

            People are looking to fill the kids up on sandwiches (semi-healthy) so they don't OD on candy later. And they are looking for something easy so they have time to prepare the little gremlins and take them out.

            1. re: gaffk

              Or some chowhounds lurch and moan through the streets of Doylestown. The bookstore even had free hot cocoa and cider for us zombies. I did have to miss the high heel race in New Hope to participate in the Doylestown Zombie Crawl though. I do want to try Goomba's soon though. Soon as I can get the rest of this make up entirely off. My eyebrows still look really strange. :)

            2. re: MontcoPeep

              I like the hoagies at Goombas a lot. Never had the Pizza so I can't say anything about that. . But I swear the last 2 times I've gotten hoagies they were on rolls that came out of the freeezer. They were dry and cracking and not to fresh. This should never haapen. It was late, but they should warn a customer about that. All in all they have goodstuff.

              1. re: spottedcow

                I wish I could insert the bulging eye emoticon for how shocked I am at this... the one thing I always thought set this place apart was the bread... oh those seeded rolls!
                now I want to drive down to 9th and get a Sarcone's Italian Hoagie

                1. re: cgarner

                  Just go to Taluto's off Germantown Pike!

            3. cgarner, - I would agree with most of what you said, particularly about the sandwiches. However, I'd advise you against ordering pizza from Goomba's. Unless things have changed recently, they do not have pizza ovens. You're going to get a nuked pizza, which, if you're like most people who order pizza, is not what you're looking for. I've had their pasta, but to be honest, I don't have a real good recollection of what it was like. I really like their sandwiches and that's the only thing I've been buying there for the past year or so.

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              1. re: bucksguy14

                Hi bucksguy, never had a pizza there, so thanks for the heads up. MontcoPeep... NO ROLLS? what the heck?

                1. re: cgarner

                  I was thinking about that pizza and it's not nuked, it's put through a broiler like you see at Burger King. Anyway, I only bought one and don't even considered Goomba's when pizza is mentioned.

                  1. re: bucksguy14

                    agreed, then go for the chicken cutlet or meatball sandwiches. I have a friend that works at Merk and they're really good about delivering pretty much anywhere in the area too. They do big group orders from Merk.

                    1. re: cgarner

                      Hope Merck doesn't head south. They support a lot of little local eateries. The lady at the gluten free bakery in Lansdale once told me she did orders for Merck as well.

                      1. re: givemecarbs

                        I'm so sad . . . I work for Merck and we never get "outside" food for meetings :(

                        Then again, we always go outside for food when not meeting over lunch :)

                        1. re: gaffk

                          gaffk... I'm trying to remember the Merck nicname for the Sumney... building.....????
                          ha ha ha.

                          Seriously if anything happens to that site, our town is screwed

                            1. re: gaffk

                              Thats where we all met in 2001 when we were waiting to get laid off... at this rate building 99 is building 44 and 1/2.

                              1. re: cwdonald

                                Tell me about it. That's where we all went after we were told we were laid off :(

              2. The original comment has been removed