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Oct 11, 2010 09:38 AM

Looking for artisanal cheese farms

Are there any good artisanal cheese farms to visit in western md or nova. Raw is a plus. Thanks!

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  1. You might want to ask this question of a manager at Cowgirl Creamery on F St. I know they stock a lot of good local cheeses and they might well be able to answer this question.

    1. Stonyman Gourmet Farmer is a vendor at Bethesda Central Farm Market. They are in in Washington, VA.


      Bethesda Central Farm Market
      Elm St, Bethesda, MD

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          South Mountain Creamery is excellent! was just there this weekend for ice cream and purchased the best butter I have ever tasted. haven't tried the cheeses yet, but based on the ice cream and the butter, I'm guessing they would be great.

        2. http://www.fireflyfarms.com/wmspage.c...

          Firefly Farms in Western MD will have tours when their Accident, MD location opens. I had their cheeses this past weekend and they were all really good. When the new facility opens I would highly recommend it! They sell their cheeses to Whole Foods so you may be able to get a taste, man my fresh chevre and Merry Goat Round were so good!

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            They also sell at the Baltimore Farmer's Market. They have excellent cheese.