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Oct 11, 2010 09:13 AM

SoNo Baking Co., Norwalk, CT, What's good?

I'll be going to the SoNo Baking Co., for the first time soon and was wondering what your favorite items are there? The menu of baked goods looks rather extensive. Thanks.

SoNo Baking Co.
101 S Water St, Norwalk, CT 06854

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  1. love the cheesecake, but it is the dense versus the creamy variety. also like the chocolate cakes. due to a nut allergy jfood cannot try most of the other stuff in the display case, unfortunately.

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      The Monkey Bread is insanely good, but they tend to sell out early in the day. Was in there yesterday and they said they'll start making apple-centric things this week...which are always solid.

    2. Almond croissant..


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        I had an almond croissant on your recommendation and must say it was very good.

        On the other hand, bought a cheesecake and had a little case of sticker shock - $40 for an eight-inch cake. It was very good, and very dense as promised; but the hubby and I are still mulling over whether it's $40 good, or whether a just slightly less dense, $28 cheesecake from Stockbridge will do just fine.

        Also got a couple of tarts - lemon meringue and key lime - and eclairs. The eclairs were delicious, but they were cut in order to be filled; that's kind of cheating. That's a nitpick, though, as the chocolate and cream were wonderful, with a nice body to the eclair itself.

        The lemon meringue was the winner of the tarts at my house - good and puckery, contrasted with the sweet, slightly gooey meringue. The key lime tart had a cute little crust, but I thought it was kind of skimpy on the filling. It was beautiful to look at, slightly underwhelming to enjoy. Not to bring up Stockbridge again, but they do a key lime not-quite-tart thing with a sort of thick crumb crust, which gives a nice contrast both texture- and flavor-wise to the key lime curd. If I had a choice of the two, I'd go with the Stockbridge key lime item.

      2. The focaccia with olives and carmelized onions is amazing.

        1. I made it there today with a friend and shared some wonderful things (and one not so great thing).

          Croissants: We split a plain one, and a ham and cheese one. Wow! I haven't had a great croissant in about 30 years. The drought is over now! The plain one had the perfect crunch on the outside and right amount of delicious pillowiness on the inside. I wish I had a cappucino, unfortunately we had to get everything to go. But this was great.

          As for the ham and cheese croissant, it was so delicious I didn't want to share it...but I did, knowing I can go back again another day and get a bunch to take home. This was so good, I was swooning.

          Next time - the almond and chocolate croissants will also get a whirl.

          The raspberry tart was quite good. A cookie-like crust filled with a vanilla custard topped with a mound of beautiful, fresh, unadorned raspberries. A few crushed pistachio crumbs complete the deal. Simple and delicious!

          The pecan tart was not very good. It was dry and lacked flavor. Not worth the calorie splurge.

          We each bought a baguette of French bread to bring home.

          Can't wait till the next visit!

          1. Their scone tops my list.

            The monkey bread is a close second.

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              Do these guys have a truck? I thought I saw them at the Farmer's Market in Edgewood Park in New Haven. But they were pretty much across the street from Manjares, and I was jonesing for a passion fruit turnover, so that's where I went.

              1. re: Pipenta

                That's probably them; they do the Farmers' Market at Wooster Square on Saturdays, so they probably do Edgewood Park too. Their table is always busy, I'll give them that.

                Edgewood Cafe
                1864 Broad St, Cranston, RI 02905

                1. re: harrie

                  Yes, that's them at Wooster Square. One of the best bakers I have had the pleasure of meeting. I buy from them nearly every week. Everything I've had from the SoNo table has been great. With the attention to detail and technique that I was taught over 30 years ago.

                  1. re: chefstu

                    Okay, so next time I stiffen my resolve and walk past the passionfruit turnovers...