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Oct 11, 2010 09:03 AM

The Staff of Life

Does anyone have suggestions for great bread in the Sarasota/Bradento/Longboat Key etc. area?
Or a Bakery you like?

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  1. It's a bit further north, but Mazzaro's Italian Grocery in St. Petersburg has an outstanding bakery and makes many kinds of "artisan" bread daily.

    1. When I worked in Sarasota years ago I used to go to Il Panificio. It was really good ,granted it was a while ago but totally worth checking out.

      Il Panificio
      1703 Main St, Sarasota, FL 34236

      1. OK Grunga,

        You have on main street C'est La Vie, french bakery with breads, croissants and casual dining inside or on the sidewalk.

        Pastry Art is also downtown but I am not sure of their bread selection.

        Near the intersection of Clark/ Stickney Point Rd. (I block west) you have Paisano's. Arguably the best bakery on the planet. Try the pignolis or the corchidates. I have not had their bread but there cookies, biscottis! oh my god the cherry chocolate ship or the mixed fruit biscotti! heaven.

        They do italian deli items and pizza by the slice also.

        I am a foodie and a pastry hound and this is my bakery. Also in that strip mall is El Toro Bravo, the best mexican in Sarasota, the owner is Rueben, tell them Doug sent you.

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            Cereme, I am not persuaded that Paisano's is a world-class bakery, not even close. Since I was in the area, I was glad to stop by on the basis of your recommendation. I had a slice of the ricotta pie and some cookies (Lady Kisses). Both were good but not extraordinary. I bought a loaf of bread that I have not cut into yet. It looks quite nice. My concern is that if you say things like "best bakery on the planet" that people will go out of their way to check it out and be seriously disappointed.

            1. re: CFishman

              Upon actually eating the bread, I will add that despite its beautiful exterior and the astounding crunch of its crust, the bread itself was lacking any texture or flavor. It's possible that my palate had collapsed after Adlay's, Geier's, and the rest of my excursion to Sarasota. Still, I think there was enough left in my tongue, nose, and eyes to know that this is no world-class bread (whatever that would mean).

        1. As I said in my original, I have not tried the bread. I buy the cookies and biscotti etc.

          There is no bakery that is a master of all things. I said the pignolis the corchidates, and the biscotti are fantastic.

          However october is the worst month of the year to go there. Traffic is way down and the product can tend to sit a little. I was dissapointed last time I went but again it was not the best time.

          I would be very interested to hear from you or fishbreath what you thought the best bakery in sarasota is?

          The best bread I have found in florida is at the Uppercrust in Gainesville. They also make many other wonderful things. Lemon butter tarts, peach chausson, cream scones. And they rock year round.

          I have had new yorkers drive an hour to get to paisano's, bought a hundred bucks in cookies and almost had them eaten by the time they got home.

          Once again I would really be interested what you find better? Hostess Twinkies?