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Oct 11, 2010 08:00 AM

Amsterdam - where to find good sausages?

I'm tired of the overly fatty sausages that seem to be all the Albert Heijn stocks. Does anyone know of a good saucissier in town or a butcher who stocks a nice variety of sausages ?

For reference, I'd love to find a place something like this:
(a lovely sausage maker in Montreal)

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  1. try Alain Bernard, Albert Cuypstraat 133.

    1. I like

      They don't have a shop and only do markets. They are at the market on Haarlemmerplein on Wednesdays and do some other events listed on the agenda on their site.


      1. Seconding Klary on french sausage @ Alain Bernard. Also seconding avoiding the meat dept. at AH like the plague. Another option for various sausages is Slagerij Zuid. (Same block, same side as Bernard). Their merquez is really decent, but the also have polish sausage and other varieties. You can also order and make your own specifications here. The shop is really unassuming, but always crowded and these guys love to help you.

        1. Excellent! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I can't wait to try some of these out! :)