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Asheville HomeGrown on Merrimon (Former Picnic's location)

Has anybody else tried it? I went for lunch on Friday, had the chicken pot pie, and it was tasty enough to bring me back to try more. The ambience is pretty sparse, but they JUST opened up--from what I read in the Xpress, they just signed the lease in June or July, so it's pretty amazing that they're already up and running! The lady taking orders was having some problems with the register, but was as attentive as she could be given the situation, and the food came out really quickly.

Curious to know if anyone else has given it a shot and what your impressions are.

According to the website, the owners/chefs are dedicated to local, seasonal produce and food, and their prices are really decent. For those of us who work in the area, it's great to have another lunch option!


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  1. The menu looks great,prices are reasonable and they are open untill nine for dinner.
    A salad bar for $5 - what is that like?

    1. I went for lunch today and enjoyed it. I had a roasted lamb sandwich in a pita with cucumber and goat cheese and some good skinny fries. I want to go back and try some of the entrees.

      1. Can't wait to try it. It's just a few blocks from my house. So convenient!

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          My husband liked it too. He had the fried chicken sandwich and the shoestring fries. I may go today so I'll give y'all a more detailed report...

        2. Mustard Girl: The salad bar looked a little sparse the day that I was there, but I'm guessing that it's something that will be built up more as time goes on. It looked decent, but not intriguing enough to pull me away from the promise of chicken gravy. ;) (sorry, I could move this up to where it belonged, in reply to your post. My system's being CRANKY!)

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            What a great addition to the neighborhood! I really like this place. I had the BBQ tempeh sandwich - big chunks of marinated tempeh served on a toasted wheat hoagie (delicious bread), sprouts, tomato (somehow still summery and flavorful) and asian slaw. For my side I opted for the spinach and sushroom risotto and while a little on the greasy/buttery side, it was really, really good. Big portions and low prices (half my risotto left over to enjoy with another meal) make this place is a great deal.

            I will say though...do not go here for the salad bar. It looked fresh but is very minimal. I think the only offerings were spinach, tomato, carrots, mushroom, sprouts, cukes and a rice salad. They do offer this plus a soup for only $6.50 though, so if you like minimalistic salads this could be a good deal for you. But it's nothing like the Greenlife or EarthFare bars.

            Service was great and the place is cute. I wish them the best.

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              Their webside describes their salad bar as ":Salad Bar - BROAD selection of Fresh Local Veggies, Fruits, Nuts/Seeds & Cheeses, Salad Dressings,composed salad, breads , and soups

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                I had the BBQ Tempeh also. It was excellent. Very flavorful. I had shoestring pommes frites, and they were very good also. My friend loved his trout dip appetizer.
                Everything was colorful and fresh, nothing was overcooked.

            2. They just announced on Facebook that they're serving wine and beer now.

              1. I ate there last week...We were waited on at the counter by a girl named Claui ( pronounced Clowee, i think)....she was very nice and friendly. We had the best organic cheeseburgers I have ever had....with lots of a creamy but very sharp cheddar. I think they had many cheese choices on the list, I also saw many other items on the menu I would like to try. The pomme frites were the best fries as well...wish I could have had a beer, but I have heard they started serving it since we were there last week. Sorry I am not from the Asheville area, but if you are..try this place. You won't be dissappointed by the food, service or the prices!

                1. Yep! At this point I can say that I recommend Homegrown without a whit of hesitation! I've grabbed lunch from here quite a few times at this point. Everything I've tried has been really fresh and filling, and whoever's manning the kitchen has a REALLY nice way with flavors. (The only thing i've tried that was a minor disappointment was the hummus platter. It was okay, but I'm a recent migrant to NC from Michigan, where I got spoiled by an abundance of Lebanese and Syrian restaurants that really throw down on the hummus front.)

                  Last week I decided I'd get a super-cheap budget-minded lunch and just order a couple of sides: beet risotto and sesame greens. For less than five dollars, I had a lunch that was more than enough to eat, oh so delicious, and even healthy! Well, you know, except for the buttery risotto part. ;)

                  Fresh, local, delicious, affordable. Chalk me up as a true fan--Homegrown has won my heart and belly as the best lunch spot on the north side! Can't wait to have time to go in and order a full dinner with sides and a few drinks.

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                    To be honest, wasn't real impressed.Hate to disappoint the lady above but i don't believe their meat was organic.It didn't feel like they were really trying,felt like a gimmick.Been there more then once,they have a chalk board menu that doesn't really change,or at least had the same things on each time I went.After I peeked in the kitchen,and the dried crud on my plate , I will never eat there again!!

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                      We tried to go again yesterday (really enjoyed it the first time we went) and it turns out they are open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week except for Saturday lunch. I know you gotta take a break sometime, but that didn't make a lot of business sense to me...

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                        We went for lunch today for visit #2. Sorry to disagree with you "hometeam" but I still think Homegrown is outstanding. It was even better this time around. I am so thrilled to have this place in the neighborhood. The value is really amazing too. My husband and I both started with a $2 cup of tomato-basil soup. It was delicious...one of the best tomato soups I've ever had. Most places charge $3 or more for a cup, so this was more than reasonable. For lunch I had the "Falenti" wrap, a falafel-style filling made with lentils wrapped in a really tasty whole-grain flatbread topped with a zingy tzaziki, sprouts and homemade pickled green tomatoes. It was fabulous. At less than $7, and a huge portion, it was a great lunch deal. My husband had the fried chicken sandwich which is very reminiscent of Tupelo Honey's (thick breast, brined for juciness and flavor, light yet crisp batter) and is served with a really good horseradish-honey mustand. Also excellent.

                        They were crankin' an old Dead show (love it!) in there and the people were super-friendly. They have gotten rid of the salad bar and have a few more salad options listed.

                        I love Homegrown and wish them the best! It's as good of a lunch as Early Girl, Tupelo and other local favorites, and slightly cheaper too. If you haven't been yet, give it a try! (Still wish they weren't closed on Saturdays for lunch though...)

                  2. We tried Homegrown on Friday night
                    Had great food and great prices. Trout and pasta dish was excellant,. Collard greens with turnips and bacon was also good
                    Wine by the glass my Total bill came to about $30.
                    It really is a great upscale, in both quality and quantity fast food choice in North Asheville

                    1. Went to Homegrown again last week and had a pretty good meal. First time had the philly cheesesteak and a gratin (it's been a while). Both were pretty good. I like the concept. Local, reasonably priced, etc.

                      But, this time had the fried chicken sandwich and the sweet potato hash. Sandwich was great, once I asked for some mayo, the hash was just okay. The real standout was the dessert. I split the hot salted caramel brownie with salted caramel ice cream with a friend. OUTSTANDING. DELICIOUS. Will go back just for that! The ice cream is from The Hop and they get their salted caramel from Creme, so you know it's good.

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                        OMG. that dessert sounds fantastic....I keep forgetting about this place.... must go now!! do you know if they change their desserts often or do they stay on the menu?

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                          I don't get tired of salted caramel. Is that the sort of place you could sit down just for dessert?

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                            last I was there (as Picnic's) it was extremely casual, so I'd say yes, no problem on just dessert.

                      2. finally stopped in here last Wednesday evening. Had the fried chicken sandwich w/horseradish honey mustard and it was really good. I ate every bite. Moist and flavorful. I rarely eat fried anything, but it was calling my name and it delivered. My friend got the hummus plate and it was ok, not the best hummus I've ever had. Also got the salted caramel ice cream which was good - slightly icy, but in fairness, I got the last scoop of a big tub. I would like to try some more items. Lots of good-looking stuff on the menu. Prices seemed very good.