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Oct 11, 2010 05:29 AM

Hi. My son is in Brisbane for a semester abroad. I've been e-mailing him recipes. But .....

...I'm unsure of brand availability at Coles. Some of the things he is looking for substitutes for are, Better Than Bouillon, Swansons broth, Near East spanish rice or rice pilaf mixes, and american style bacon.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Australians aren't as big on branded products as the US and so our recipes rarely name a branded item.

    - Most Australians would use a stock cube rather than a concentrate, and there are good quality ones
    - Swansons Broth is what Australians would call stock at the supermarket - there is a range and some are closer to stocks whilst others are flavoured closer to broths
    - rice pilaf mixes are easy, though they will probably be called spicy rice or similar

    What makes AMerican style bacon American? I think I can help if I understand the difference....

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      I've been in Sydney for 6 months now and have admitted defeat looking for "American" style bacon. As someone coming off the Bacon of the Month club in the US, I was rather disappointed (don't worry, my doc said my cholesterol was fine before leaving).

      Mr_G - American style bacon is heavily smoked (hickory, applewood, maple) and is usually 60/40 fat to meat, if not higher. You get a lot of rendered fat when cooking and, if cooked well, will be crisp. It is uasually just the belly portion as well. it doesn't include the loin which I believe the long strips here usually have.

      The bacon I've found here has a very light smoke on it, if any. And is tough to get crisp with the meat to fat ratio.

      1. re: BeanTownGolfer

        Ah, I would call that streaky bacon. Its true though that Australian bacon tends to be unsmoked - I buy my smoked streaky from a smokehouse at a farmers market but that is down here in Melbourne which doesn't help you much.

    2. Unless things have changed a lot since I lived in Oz, he's not going to find America style bacon.

      1. Hi all and thanks for your help! :::sigh::: I was afraid that may be the answer about the bacon. son took his spring break in New Zealand and was excited to get a piece of american style bacon. How about pancetta, is that readily available? It won't give the bacon flavor or fat but may be it could work for some things :(

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        1. re: MsBees

          I think your bacon will be available, but not easily and not at supermarkets. Pancetta is very easy to get.

          1. re: MsBees

            Aldi supermarkets carry a smoked pancetta which while not quite the same is fairly good at being both smoky, bacon-like and crisp. That may be worth a shot. Unsmoked pancetta and proscuitto are readily available.