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Oct 11, 2010 03:35 AM

The Inn at Phillips Mill, New Hope - has anyone been?

I can't find any posts on this - has anyone been to this restaurant and is it any good? A friend and I were driving past it the other night - as we have done a thousand times before. We never realized there was a restaurant there! (Usually we're passing by during the day - we had thought it was just a house.)

I found their Web site online, but I haven't seen anything from any chowhounders. Has anyone eaten there?

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  1. Have been dinning at the romantic and iconic Phillips Mill off and on for perhaps 40 years or more.The cuisine has generally had a French slant and has always been delightful.The interior
    is superb and has appeared as background for various fashion shoots over the years,it's a delight for the eyes as well.
    Their chefs
    have been numerous but the inns standards have always been maintained.
    Had lunch in Provence the other day with my London friend who had recently rushed to the inn
    upon arriving for a brief visit in Bucks.
    It's the most romantic of the Bucks restaurants so stop in and have a look at the menu --and the interior and terrace.

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    1. re: Franco American

      It DOES look romantic. To bad there are no dates on my horizon.... Sigh.

      :) Thanks for the insights, though. Definitely looks like a place I would want to try!

    2. That place is hard to find, even when you know where it is. I love the Inn at Phillips Mill -- the food, the service, the outdoor dining area... and the fact that it's BYO. The reason you haven't seen anything posted here is probably because it's more likely to be written up on the Philadelphia board. Bucks County is a Philly suburb.

      1. Where is the location of Phillips Mill,? Address please.

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        1. re: Gwendolen

          Gwendolen, all their information is right here:

          They're on 32, just north of New Hope, at that little cluster of stone buildings around the sharp bend in the road.

        2. I've eaten there many times over the last 30+ years and never had a complaint. Good food, nice atmosphere (especially the patio in summer), and BYO. Beats most anything else in New Hope that I'm aware of!

          1. I'm surprised to see so many positive reviews of the food here. We've dined at this restaurant (and stayed upstairs at the B&B) many times over the years and the food, in our opinion, has gone downhill from what it once was. BUT--the place is so romantic that, knowing we'd only get so-so food, we still went back to celebrate our 25th anniversary in October! And we were right--the food was okay, but the romantic, charming, Bucks County atmosphere was still there! Outdoor dining in the warmer months can't be topped. Careful when you step out the front door, though, because 2 steps will put you in the middle of the road!

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            1. re: crazyjane

              I never heard of this place before. I'm going to have to go just for the ambiance.