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Need hip & trendy restaurant rec. for birthday dinner in early Nov!

henriettasam Oct 11, 2010 12:47 AM

We will be in London Nov 5-9 and the 6th is my boyfriend's birthday. He loves stylish, hip restaurants with a great vibe. Last year, we went to Zuma, which he LOVED. Not opposed to returning, but are wondering what you might suggest...

Last year, we also went to Marcus Waring (more my style) and Locanda Locatelli-this may help you in helping us choose!


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    FoodiesLand RE: henriettasam Oct 11, 2010 03:49 AM

    Hi..good choices so far. Nobu Berkley, Hakkasan and Maze are similar to Zuma, ie hip, great bar, buzzy, great food and open late. The Ledbury and L'atelier de Joel Robuchon also great, more romantic and towards Marcus Wareing type.

    hope that helps! there's so many places...

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    1. re: FoodiesLand
      henriettasam RE: FoodiesLand Oct 11, 2010 03:55 PM

      Nobu Berkley is booked :( and I am consdering Hakkasan. Would you say that ambiance at Hakkasan is just as stylish and cool as Zuma (decor, music, people, etc.)? Obviously Hakkasan is more Chinese, but still Asian like Zuma. I'm open to any type of tasty food as long as it is good but for this particular night, the ambiance is really important. I hear that Maze has gone down hill a bit. The Ledbury may not be so much his style (but more mine) and I've been to the original Joel Robuchon in Paris which was grand, but a small fortune!

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        Nii RE: henriettasam Nov 12, 2010 10:01 AM

        I thought Hakkasan was a bit more buzzy and trendy than Zuma.

    2. zuriga1 RE: henriettasam Oct 11, 2010 04:03 AM

      Dean Street Townhouse, Galvin La Chapelle - good food and a bit buzzy? I've always liked Maze but there is a new chef now... can't be all that different and has a great ambiance.

      1. j
        jonY RE: henriettasam Oct 13, 2010 03:07 AM

        Sketch maybe? Great decor and vibe to the place. Food is not amazing but still pretty good!

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        1. re: jonY
          brokentelephone RE: jonY Oct 13, 2010 03:29 AM

          Try Aqua Kyoto -- very very buzzy and good food -- its like Hakkasan 5 years ago but more fun!

          1. re: brokentelephone
            Seige RE: brokentelephone Nov 11, 2010 08:41 AM

            We just returned from London and ate at Aqua Kyoto. It was phenomenal! Really good food from top to bottom. Highly recommend!

        2. p
          pj26 RE: henriettasam Oct 13, 2010 06:48 AM

          Maybe try the new Antony Demetre and Will Smith place in Covent Garden, Les Deux Salons? By the sounds of it, does sound pretty glam and the 'latest place' to go.

          1. t
            thecriticalcouple RE: henriettasam Oct 13, 2010 09:14 AM

            I too would suggest L'atelier it is not as expensive as the Joel Robuchon in Paris and much hipper. The Square is also really nice.


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            1. re: thecriticalcouple
              helen b RE: thecriticalcouple Nov 11, 2010 10:35 AM

              Yes, Aqua Kyoto is achingly cool and the food is surprisingly good.

              Hix in Soho for great British food, noisy atmosphere, and cosy downstairs cocktail bar.

              Polpo/Polpetto are very 'du jour' as is Les Deux Salons, and Dean Street Townhouse mentioned above.

              I think Hakkasan is like Zuma in terms of atmosphere and the beautiful people, you could also try Yauatcha.

              Dean St Townhouse is fading a little methinks...Maze was a bit, well, meh when I went. Its star has faded.

              If he likes Indian, Amaya is the Indian version of Zuma I think. Again, beautiful people, ambiance, GREAT food.

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