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Oct 10, 2010 11:17 PM

New Thai in Mt. Kisco -- Mana Thai

I was at CVS in the Mt. Kisco Square shopping center today and noticed that there is a new Thai restaurant where Myong used to be. The name is Mana Thai. They do not seem to have a website but do have a Facebook page (without menu). I picked up a menu, prices seem reasonable. They only have 4 or 5 tables so I'm guessing most of their business will be take-out. They claim to offer delivery. If I get a chance to scan the menu I will post it here.

BTW, Myong is apparently re-opening down near TJ Maxx according to their website. I guess they figure that being closer to Chappaqua they will have more people who will pay their high prices.

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  1. Hope it will be good. New Thai places are springing up everywhere and most are so so. I work near kisco so I'll try it soon.

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      1. I went in yesterday at 6pm and ordered (to go) a Tom Yum soup and an order of edamame for take-out. It too a half hour (one cook and a very nice lady taking orders).
        When I got home I found out that 1. The chef forgot to salt the edemame - i saw him take out the box of Kosher salt, walk away, then come back and drain my order, but i never actually saw him salt it - guess he forgot. The soup broth was tasty and the shrimp in it was nice, but what was NOT nice was the piece of yellow plastic I chewed on (looked like the safety part of a lid that breaks off) and the woody stems that were completely inedible. I will wait before I go back there - they need to get their act together.

        Regarding Myong: Her prices were high, but her ingredients were fresh and good and her product was low-fat, delicious, and she had many gluten-free and wheat free items. I am looking forward to her re-opening (with a full restaurant and bar) in the former location of "Q".

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          1. We ate here tonight and really enjoyed it. We started with the spring rolls (they were good but were cold inside, the only thing we ate that wasn't really excellent), tom kha gai soup (really excellent, lots of stuff in it and the broth was great and the portion was enough that we could have shared it and skipped the spring rolls). For entrees, we had the pad kaprow and green curry, both with chicken. We had actually ordered red curry but the waitress messed up the order, but I tried and it was excellent so I did not make them correct it. Both were large portions. When I got the check, I noticed both entrees said "not spicy" (I was not asked how I wanted them when ordering but both were marked as spicy on the menu), which I thought was amusing because I thought the green curry was rather spicy, although not "Thai spicy" by any means.

            Service was friendly but slow. I saw food sitting on the counter waiting to go to tables. There was only one person handling tables, which should have been enough since there were only 4 parties (they have 6 tables but 2 pairs were combined). We got lucky and there was a table for 2 available when we got there. Some people did have to wait after we arrived but not for very long. It appeared that there was an older non-Asian woman who was working there to help with tables and at the counter, but only showed up towards the end of our meal, prior to that she was eating dinner with a party of 4.

            Dinner was $35 plus tax and I had a $20 gift certificate I won on the Northern Westchester Free Stuff Facebook page so it was an excellent deal. We'll definitely go back.