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Oct 10, 2010 10:30 PM

Need recommendation on where to hold a work dinner for 50+ people

We're heading to Philadelphia in November and need to find a place that can handle 50+ people (and preferably separate checks!). We're looking at dinner on a Monday night in the Penn's Landing area but we do have vans so we're willing to drive!


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  1. separate checks? You are going to have trouble finding a place that can accommodate 50 people all at once without a fixed menu, let alone separate checks.

    Are you looking for a place with a private room for 50? or just a place that everyone could go to on their own?

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    1. re: urbanfabric

      Private room.

      I know I'm dreaming about the separate checks but thought I'd throw it out there. :-)

    2. Don't know about separate checks, but Ristorante Panorama has a privat room downstairs that accomodates that many (I think, might be a bit tight). Food is great, the eventour office has every year is srved family stle, but the food, apps, pasta, main never stop coming out. Entrees are individually chosen from 3-4 choices.

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      1. re: bonappetite

        I'd say this is a good suggestion as well.

        And I'd imagine almost every place in the city that could handle a party of 50 will insist on some kind of limited/pre-arranged menu instead of open ordering off the regular menu, to simplify the check situation as well as make it easier on the kitchen.

      2. Give City Tavern a call. They have an entire second floor dining room and can easily accommodate large groups - I think they also have private rooms downstairs. In case you're not familiar, they have an 18th century theme. The tavern was rebuilt at the site of a revolutionary era tavern that burned down. All the staff are in costume, they serve on pewter, the food is from that era. It's one of my favorite places to take a large group in that area and especially fun if they're tourists.

        The stupid link manager keeps bringing up a restaurant in Wilmington of the same name, so here

        1. Separate checks? Probably your best bet would be the food court under the Bellevue. Everyone can order what they want + you can all order at the same time + get as many checks as you want.

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          1. re: andrewlee

            Not a good option for dinner - they all close early down there.

          2. Stephen Starr's Tangerine shuttered some time ago but is still available for private events. Not sure about separate checks but it would fit your large group + Penn's Landing criteria.

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            1. re: ramenbound

              I would check with either/both Vietnam and Vietnam Palace in Chinatown. They each have facilities to accomodate such a party. You will have to arrange off of a banquet menu.