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What do you think of my vacation meal itinerary?

fishtacos Oct 10, 2010 07:48 PM

Hi, pals.

I'm coming up for a vacation next weekend. I lived in San Diego from 2006-2008 (so I have a few favorites) but I'd love suggestions. Here is my schedule so far.


Late Dinner: South Beach

Lunch: Blue Water
Dinner: Ortega's Hillcrest (really want to try the lobster)

Lunch: Lucha Libre Taco Shop
Dinner: Seau's (for sushi)


I'd also take a breakfast rec' but I might not be up in time :) Maybe late night suggestions would be better... I

Probably not going to do fine dining (balling on a $20 max entree budget).

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    daantaat RE: fishtacos Oct 11, 2010 09:42 PM

    Seau's for sushi?????

    Breakfast/brunch on Sunday could be Ricky's in Mission Valley. Their Dutch apple pancake is very, very good and will last you over 1/2 a day.

    1. d
      DougOLis RE: fishtacos Oct 12, 2010 11:53 AM

      Sounds like a tour of places DDD has visited. Where are you staying?

      South Beach doesn't have the best fish tacos in San Diego by any means but they are decent for what they are. And it gives you some late night fun I guess with the OB bar scene.

      Blue Water = good

      If Ortega's has lobsters then go for it but there have been some reports of lobster shortages this year (from divers I know too). If they don't have lobster then I'm not sure there's a strong reason to go there. Do you want to still keep it Mexican?

      Lucha Libre - kind of gimmicky, not that good but it's alright. You'd be better off going to Super Cocina, Aqui es Texcoco, Mariscos German, Mariscos Pescador, or Tacos el Paisa

      Seau's - I've never heard of going there for sushi. I dunno about that one. Kaito by far has the best sushi in San Diego but that's not really possible on a $20 budget.

      Sunday lunch- I'd do brunch at somewhere like Urban Solace, Small Bar or Parkhouse Eatery

      Sunday dinner - Cafe Chloe, Starlite, Craft & Commerce, El Take It Easy, Ritual Tavern, Cucina Urbana, Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant, Jimmy's Famous American Tavern, Sessions Public, Pizza Port OB, Blind Lady Alehouse, Pizzeria Bruno, Cosmopolitan

      Cafe Chloe
      721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

      Urban Solace Restaurant
      3823 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104

      Super Cocina
      3627 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104

      Parkhouse Eatery
      4574 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116

      3175 India Street, San Diego, CA 92103

      Mariscos German
      3515 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

      Ritual Tavern
      4095 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

      Jimmy's Famous American Tavern
      4990 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92106

      El Take It Easy
      3926 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

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      1. re: DougOLis
        fishtacos RE: DougOLis Oct 12, 2010 12:50 PM

        Googled "DDD and food" and laughed-- never saw the show before, but I do like dives :)

        I'm staying near Hillcrest, but have a car and like exploring.

        If Ortega's doesn't have the lobster, I'll try Rimel's-- if I'm in town during lobster time, I'd like to make it happen.

        Checking out lucha specifically for the gimmick, but I'll also try some of the other Mexican places mentioned. I could do mexican and seafood the whole time. Mariscos looks awesome.

        I used to live behind Seau's and the sushi bar in there, Raw Mana, was always decent. It's like a separate restaurant inside the sports bar. The fish was consistent and really affordable, especially during happy hour. Taka was my favorite, but Seau's worked for convenience, taste, and price. This was back in 2006.

        Thanks for the rec's. I'm having fun googling them. This whole board is really helpful.

        1. re: fishtacos
          TXGSD RE: fishtacos Oct 15, 2010 04:39 PM

          Ortega's had fresh lobster last night. Since you're hitting up most of the neighborhood, you may want to try a meal at Saffron (between Blue Water and Lucha Libre). They're having a variety of 25th Anniversary specials the week of October 18, including a Thai street-food market on Friday evening.

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