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Oct 10, 2010 07:03 PM

South Carolina hash in North Carolina?

I was poking around looking for hash recipes online recently, and came across a lot of claims that hash stops at the state line and cannot be found anywhere in North Carolina. I'd swear that I had it at various places in southeastern NC(Sampson, Duplin counties in particular) as a kid. Has anyone had hash at an NC barbecue place?

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  1. No. I'm sure there is (or was) a place or two out there that offers it but I don't think I've ever come across it. It really does seem to be specific to SC.

    1. You may have had Brunswick Stew?

      As a Wayne County native (neighbors to both Sampson & Duplin counties) I can honestly say that I never heard of bbq hash until exploring South Carolina.

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        I don't think it was Brunswick stew. For one, it was served over rice, and the texture was more of a slurry- both of which I associate with hash.