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Oct 10, 2010 05:57 PM

Lunch with 6 yr old by Museum of Science

Need some help. Bringing my 6yr old nephew to the MOS tomorrow. Would like to get lunch before. He is actually pretty mature for his age. Not worried about him running around screaming or anything. More interested in finding a place he would like.

Picking him up in Braintree so that would work too.

Help :)

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  1. the mos has a cafeteria that's decent, with a good range of choices from salads to burgers. if you want to stay in walking distance, there isn't that much: i believe a cheesecake factory and a Paparazzi in the cambridge galleria, a finagle a bagle about two blocks from the mos going up cambridge street. if you want to drive, court house seafood is another few blocks up cambridge street.