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Oct 10, 2010 04:22 PM

Downtown -- Dinner Options near Dallas St betw Travis and Main

I will be staying at the Residence Inn at 904 Dallas St -- between Travis and Main. Are there any good, casual, non-chain dinner options within walking distance of the hotel?

Will be going out to dinner twice with a few coworkers -- looking for very good food and casual atmosphere.

Thanks for your recommendations.

BL -- DC Hound

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  1. Trying not to draw a blank here:-
    If you walk a couple of blocks past Travis on Dallas you'll see Masai sitting on the right on a corner- mostly fish - a bit pricy but fairly nice. In the basement of the builing before you cross the street to get to Masai there's Treebeards which is more cafeteria style cajun - cheap and good but I'm not sure if they open at night - on the same block as Masai there is a Pappas BBQ but I think it sucks. If you turn left on Lousiana there is a big hotel whose name I forget (Westin?) just opposite the 777 Clay garage - in that hotel there is a Shulas steakhouse I never ate there and it is probably overpriced - at the top of the hotel is a rotating restaurant called the Summit and I ate there a couple of times not cheap but not bad. In the same block as the hotel there is a Benihana if you like that kind of thing - there is also a vietnamese/mexican restaurant/cafe whose exact name I forget (it faces onto Clay) I always liked the Pho there. Frankly, you'd have better choices if you'd be willing to walk a few more blocks or take a cab into Midtown.

    1. Would you consider taking a taxi or public transport about 10-15 minutes away? Unfortunately I can't think of good, casual, non-chain options very nearby, unless you can get to Treebeards for lunch (they aren't open at night).

      If you hop on the light rail (there's a stop a block or two from your hotel) or grab a taxi to Midtown, you have a lot more options that meet your criteria.

      1. Josephine's might fit the bill if you're up for Italian. It's about three and one half blocks from your hotel at 1209 Caroline St. You'll find a family-owned restaurant using top-notch ingredients at moderate prices.

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          I believe Josephine's closed some time ago

          1. re: WtotheN

            What sad news. I loved that place. Sorry that my first post here turned out to be a bum steer.

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              chefspop, me too. I really liked their food and I'm so sad to see them go. But clearly you are familiar with the local restaurants! So carry on....

        2. Bangkok Chef - address is pulling up 914 Main, but it's actually on the corner of Travis and Walker
          Bombay Pizza - Also showing 914 Main - the street entrance is off Main just past McKinney.

          Bangkok Chef
          6560 Greatwood Pkwy Ste 100, Sugar Land, TX 77479

          1. I like District 7 Grill on Pierce and Brazos near the Federal building. I've only tried their mahi salad and burger but I keep going back because they know how to cook mahi. This is casual. There's also a sister restaurant, Table 7 Bistro on Fannin near Capitol. I've not been to this one but the menu looks similar.


            District 7 Grill
            501 Pierce St, Houston, TX 77002