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Oct 10, 2010 04:06 PM


Dear all...

Looking for dining tips in abruzzo, - specifically in sulmona, chieti or villages/towns nearby. Also interested in good cheese, wine and market tips for abruzzo. We are in going to be in casteldiIerie a small hill town outside of sulmona - about 20 mins away...all tips and suggestions most welcomed.

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  1. We have a place near Sulmona, and Sulmona is a great town real local products include sausage , try Ventricina, seasoned with peperoncino and orange peel, local wool blankets, made by the women of the region As far as a fine local restaurant Locanda di Gino is our favorite, only open for mid day dinner you will NOT be disappointed, Great Market In the Centro Paizza, and of course abundant Montepulciano de Abruzzo of all qualities, from local farms to big cantines.(co-ops)