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Oct 10, 2010 03:47 PM

Want chuletas ahumadas! Best Richmond area carniceria?

I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to make chuletas ahumadas in a tomato-chipotle sauce with olives and avocado. Finding this delicacy is not always easy....does anyone know of the best carniceria in the Richmond/San Pablo area to buy some yummy chops?

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  1. Try Supermercado Trujillos. It's been while but I was happy with what I got while waiting for the Saturday Tejuino truck.
    1025 Rumrill.

    Supermercado Trujillos
    1025 Rumrill Ave, Richmond, CA

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    1. re: wolfe

      Thanks -- looks like what I'm searching for. I just watched their YouTube video, and there's no question but that they have chuletas ahumadas, and many other interesting things. Good find!

      1. re: ptrichmondmike

        Credit where credit is due. Another rworange gem.

    2. The place where 23rd and San Pablo Ave meet seems popular when I've driven by.

      1. Forgive my ignorance but are the chuletas ahumadas any different from smoked pork chops? I mean, is there something the Mexicans do to smoke them that differs from the German-style chops? I happened to get some excellent smoked chops at the Housewives' Market and a chipotle sauce sounds like a great way to go.

        Housewives' Market
        907 Washington St, Oakland, CA 94607