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Oct 10, 2010 03:19 PM

high quality grass fed meat clubs/csa/animal sharing

hello, i live in berkeley my freezer can hold about 1/8th of an animal, so to even get a quarter i'd need to share with someone, preferable an individual or group that already has contacts.
i am looking for primarily red meat, 100% grass fed and finished - venison (elk.deer), bison, cow, goat, lamb... but any pastured/wild/high quality meat is wanted.
any leads are appreciated

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  1. I saw once that Marin Sun Farms had some kind of CSA-type thing. I don't know if they still do, but check it out. You're lucky you have all that freezer space.

    1. We're about 3 months into a 6-month CSA membership from Marin Sun Farms, and plan to renew, probably for a year. What works well for us is the fact that you can create your own "package" of as little as 5 lbs/month. There are lots of pickup locations, one of which is pretty convenient for us.

      1. Riverdog farms raises their own hogs. You can get a variety of combination boxes for about $100. (some higher, some lower)
        I ordered one last spring and it was absolutely delicious.

        1. I've been pleased with the quality of product from Morris Grassfed Beef

          I just bought a quarter from them in August (half in my freezer, half in my brother's
          )and am still working on using it all. The beef has been flavorful and seems to be
          low in fat (don't overcook). Just had the filet mignon last night - mistakenly defrosted
          it (did not read the label!): the flavor is definitely grass-fed, not cornfed, very tender.


          1. Chris Lee and Samin's (?) Pop Up General Store, 10/20, on the border of Oakland / Berkeley has Bill Niman 100% grass fed beef hot dogs listed, $40 for 5 pounds, various sizes.

            Lots of other good stuff listed as well.