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Oct 10, 2010 02:27 PM

London - Best beer spots in central London

I have spent around 4 holidays a year traveling to London, primarily for the food and wine destinations... but why not beers?
I know that anywhere can stock a bottle of X, Y and Z; but where are the hotbeds of quality beer on tap?

I should state that I enjoy ales and whatnot at home, but my true love is Belgian. De Hems is the best place I have found so far. Also a fan of seriously hoppy IPA/Extra IPA/Quadruple IPA styles.

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  1. Does the White Horse in Parson's Green qualify geographically? I also vaguely remember seeing aged Belgian beers there, but don't have details. Anyone to confirm or deny?

    1. There is lots of excellent beer in London (and The White Horse used to stock good beer), and probably more than enough locally brewed to keep you going instead of looking for Belgium beers. There has been a micro-brewery revolution in the UK so lots and lots of variety.

      Where to start? I suggest getting hold of the CAMRA "Good Beer Guide" (http://www.camra.org.uk/page.aspx?o=gbg), it is a guide produced by one of the original consumer movements who can be credited with saving much of the UK craft beer industry. The pubs may not always be the best pubs but they usually serve good well kept beer.

      1. The Lowlander between Covent Garden and Holborn has an excellent selection of Belgian beers on tap: http://www.lowlander.com/our-beers

        1. Try the Dovetail in Clerkenwell. They have a wide selection of Belgian beers and do regular Belgian beer tastings.

          1. Try one of the Draft House pubs - they have lots of interesting beers on tap. There's one near Tower Bridge.

            Also, not central, but Greenwich has the Meantime Brewery restaurant & bar.

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              Seconded. Esp. the Tower Bridge location, I love that place!