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Oct 10, 2010 01:42 PM

28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen [London]

My husband and I had an early dinner on Friday at 28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen. Our reservations were at 6:15 because that is the only time we could get a table 5 days in advance. Upon arrival there was a decent sized crowd of people at the bar whom looked like they had just gotten off work and most of the tables were empty. As the evening progressed the dining room was full and buzzy.

We started with a glass of Gruner recommended by one of the managers. It was crisp and zingy and the perfect way to start the meal. The wine list was stocked full of all sorts of interesting options and we decided to with a bottle of the Pojega Rispasso, which we were very satisfied with.

As far as food goes, I started with the pumpkin soup which was delightfully creamy with small bits of pumpkin, mushrooms, and chestnuts topped off with a dollop of mascarpone. My husband had the duck rilettes on sourdough which was well flavoured. For my main, I ordered the salt cod which was cooked perfectly and served on a bed of couscous and chorizo. My husband ordered the sea bass which was pan fried and slightly crispy on the outside and moist and delicious inside. It was served on a bed of basil farfalle and shellfish velouté.

Good food, good wine, and good service cost us £101.00 inclusive of water and tip. We will return.

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  1. Good to hear Agnar/Xavier's new place is up to scratch; have you been to Texture (just off Marble Arch), the original restaurant?

    I intend to pop over to 28-50 in November when I'm back in London briefly... Bedford & Strand has been my go-to wine/snack bar for a while now, but I can't wait to see what has been done with this place.

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      We have not been to Texture, but have several friends who have and highly recommend it. Many say that Texture does not get enough press for it's accomplishments. Since we enjoyed 28-50 si much, Texture is now a definate for us in the future. Let me know how you like 28-50 and Texture if you try them. We have not been to Bedford & Strand, so we will have to try it!

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        I think Texture is a fabulous restaurant -- one of the best I have been in London. It's curious to me why it's not more notable.

      2. i went last month. i thought the wine list was wonderful - we had a roter veltliner) i've never seen this before, it's spicier than a gruner veltliner and was very good) and a greek assyrtiko (white, lighter flavour, also good) but was less convinced about the food.

        rillettes were good but my burrata starter was nice but a bit dull. my pork belly/pigs cheek main was nice but my chum's sea bass with basil pasta was out of balance - too much fish and hardly any pasta. pistachio brulee with cherries was disappointing - the pistachios were served in a side dish, mixed with some flavourless mirabelle plums and apparently cherries (couldn't spot them at all). the brulee itself was lovely. service very friendly (and esp. informative/helpful on the wines) but very slow.

        i left thinking i'd go back for the wine and stick to the bar menu i think.

        i went to texture around the same time, had the seafood tasting menu and loved it. the amuse was my favourite - a pea custard, crushed peas, pea granita and seaweed dust.