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late report barcelona trip august.

curiouseater Oct 10, 2010 01:13 PM

Hi really sorry it's taken so long but here is a potted version of our trip. As usual the food was great.

We had breakfast at Pinoxto each morning, the chickpeas, mushrooms and xuxos were had and were very good, the xuxos particulalry, I could have had three!

We had a small snack and glass of wine at Bar Mut, the ventresca tomato salad was not as good as I remembered it to be, but I love the interior of this place so much, that I will always try to go back.

Our first big lunch was at Cinc Sentits. The setting is lovely and calm as before and the service very attentive.

We had -
maple syrup shot
“pa amb tomàquet”
- “ajoblanco” with cherries,
- foie gras “coca” with glazed leeks
- wild red mullet with creamy basil rice
- Iberian suckling pig with apple or pyrnees filet mignon with truffled potato gratin
- Artisanal catalan cheese
- Pre dessert -- variations of citrics
- Warm chocolate mousse with olive oil ice cream and shattered “coca” bread

Given I have eaten here about six times by now, I have had quite a few of the dishes before, and although they were still of very high standard the novelty had worn off. I still find this way of eating foie gras to be my favourite as the texture makes the richness more bearable, the ajoblanco was interesting with little cubes of cherry and a creamy milky texture, the red mullet ok but not my favourite fish, the suckling pig was good as before and the apple a classic companion but the crackling was too hard is such as thing can be?! I didn't have cheese but my friend did and I think in comparison to cheese courses here, she found it a little disappointing but was glad to try some new cheese.
The mousse could have been a touch sweeter as the high cocoa content made it quite intense, but thats a personal preference.

That evening we had tapas at Paco Meralgo, trying quite a few dishes: pan amb tomate, padron, two types of prawn, solomillo, veal pepito, veal stew, lovely garlic chanterelles.
i really like the food here, and though it's not to everyones taste I will return.

Next lunch at hisop, again service was very attentive and we had an English speaking waitress. They were very accommodating and allowed us to order what we wanted

black rice with octopus and squid-very tasty, excellent texture
john dory with parsnips- again very good, perfectly cooked fish
suckling-pig with porcini and perigordini- again another excellent dish, this was better than the pig at cinc sentits but could have done with something like apple to act as a foil.
pistachio with lime- not what we would have chosen but our waitress convinced us and it turned out to be very good- a souffle that tasted like rice pudding which to me is a good thing!

dinner was tapas at El xampanyet where we had jamon, olives, anchovies, artichokes, sunblush tomatoes and garlicky potato bombas. All very good
Then on to La Plata which was disappointing, we had not very good botifarra, the pescadito were tastless, the tomato salad good.

Will rite about embat tomorrow.

  1. Parigi Oct 10, 2010 03:19 PM

    Thanx for reporting back, and in such great detail.

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