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Oct 10, 2010 12:54 PM

Resource for white serving plates on Iron Chef America?

We love many of the white plates used on ICA - any idea of the sources? TIA

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  1. Um, they use alot of difference plates on ICA. Are there particular ones or types you had your eye on?

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Well, today's episode had a couple (it's Thanksgiving here in Canada so they are re-running an old ICA) - but mainly in general. I'm going to tape an episode and see if they list a supplier at the end. We like bold shapes, in white.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        There is one plate in particular that I've seen on ICA and it's the soup plate, it's white and about 10" in diameter with a small 6oz. or 8oz. center so it has a very wide rim. I'm unable to find this plate online, I would be very grateful for any information on where to buy this style of plate.

        1. re: FontMesa

          We have those soup plates which we got at a restaurant supply house in Elmsford, NY that is sadly no longer there. However, I have a feeling that many restaurant supply houses would carry them or something similar.

        2. re: ipsedixit

          I just found a source for dinnerware used on ICA,, the plates I mentioned earlier are there the downside is you can only buy them by the case of 36 plates which means I'll have to eBay what I don't need.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            I just watched the flay vs stein iron chef episode and am looking for the white covered pasta dish flay uses at the very end. Any ideas?

            1. re: Daphnechurch

              The top cover is a Monaco Porcelain Cloche and also comes in Titanium, the plates are are sold separate from the cover and are made by a company called Front of the House, you can buy them at Food Service Warehouse or use the store locator at manufacturer's site.





              From the home page of Food Service Warehouse look under dining then dinnerware then basic china dinnerware and scroll down to the Monaco selection or go to the link above.

              The Cloche cover comes in large 5.25 in. or small 4.25in. around so I'd pair it with an 8in. plate, saucer or pasta bowl.


              In the ICA episode Bobby Flay paired the Cloche with a pasta bowl, the bowl had a thin ridge line for the Cloche to rest on when placed on the bowl.

              I have not found a link for the matching bowl so you'll have to ask Food Service Warehouse if they have the right pasta bowl to go with the Monaco Cloche, you can also contact the staff at The Front of the House web site or maybe they've changed the product and simply place the Cloche over the regular Monaco bowl.

              From looking over the Front of the House web site you'll see a lot of the dinnerware used on Iron Chef America.

              1. re: FontMesa

                Thank you so much for these links - the Monaco bowl is exactly the piece we've admired. I'm going to sign up for FOH but not sure it's open to non industry types. Thanks again!

                1. re: ElizabethS

                  I think you're right, FOH is a manufacturer and does not sell retail but we may purchase from these two places.




                  Also Cloche means Bell in French and would be pronounced Clo-sh

                  I bid you good eating

            1. Thanks for that link - that soup plate/bowl is one I've been interested in as well.