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Oct 10, 2010 11:36 AM

where's a good place in chicago i can get my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer repaired?

so, yesterday i managed to damage my kitchenaid mixer while attempting to extrude some pasta for a dinner party. while it still runs, it makes a loud clicking noise that is definitely not normal. does anyone have a recommendation where i can take it to be repaired in chicago? thanks!

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  1. I recommend you contact Kitchenaid, at The factory is located in Greenville OH, and they have outstanding customer service. My good friend contacted them when her mixer broke, and although her mixer was about 5 years old, they replaced it for free. At the least, I'm sure they could recommend somewhere in Chicago to have it repaired.

      1. Abt in Glenview states that they have repair services for all products that they sell, and they do sell KA mixers. You might call them. Here's their webpage on repairs:

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          That statement is not exactly true on their part. They do not repair small appliances, only the major ones like stoves, washers, fridges etc. I called them last year on a small appliance and was told to refer to the mfr website.

        2. I did something similar to my KA stand mixer. Took it to Abesco,Inc (2200 Stonington Ave Suite 200, Hoffman Estates, IL 60195, Phone: 847-884-9595 - they are listed on the KA website).

          I think the repair took about a week and cost me around $50. Haven't had any further problems with my mixer.

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            Abesco must use sub-par parts. I own a small bakery and have brought KA stand mixers there for repair and the same problem occurs usually within 3 months, often times less. I’ve had the same mixer fixed there 4 times within a year. I finally ordered parts from KitchenAid and did the repairs myself. My repairs have lasted one year so far and still going. Find somewhere else to have your repair done. Don’t use Abesco.

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              I appreciate your feedback, but it's been 5 years and my mixer is still working just fine.