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Oct 10, 2010 11:33 AM

Best fine mesh stainer/sieve for rinsing small grains like quinoa?

I would love a recommendation for something that can accommodate small grains. Thanks!

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  1. Have you considered the Oxo 8" stainless strainer? I have one and I'm really happy with it. The mesh is very fine. Here's a pic of it.

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    1. re: miss.foodie

      Foodie, I'm also looking for a fine mesh sieve, but to use primarily to wash rice. Do you know if small grains will get caught in the space where the mesh connects with the steel rim?

      My sieve now has a tiny 'crack' where they two attach, and tiny bits of rice get caught in there, which is a nightmare to clean.

      Many thanks!

    2. I found a set of four of these at T.J. Maxx for just $25 (versus the $99 for three price listed here) and I treasure them! Perfectly fine mesh, very sturdy (no "dents:), dishwasher safe (because of the stainless steel) and nothing gets caught between the rim and the mesh. LOVE them! Maybe you could find some on Ebay?

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      1. re: Beckyleach

        Thanks, Becky - I'll go take a look!

      2. Thanks everyone! I'll check these out.

        1. I read somewhere else of people successfully using gold or nylon coffee strainers - they're pretty affordable too.

          1. I picked up a fine mesh strainer at the grocery store. It certainly is small enough that no small grains will get through. I don't think it cost more than a few dollars.