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Oct 10, 2010 11:27 AM

Best Whiting Sandwich in Birmingham

After reading the above article it set me to thinking. Where are y'all getting your whiting sandwich fix these days?

I used to love to get the whiting at Kelly's Jet in Eastlake but that joints been shuttered for the better part of a coon's age.

R3 Lounge had a really good one too but I doubt they're still open.

How about these spots:

Wings Plus
437 Green Springs Hwy Ste 111
Birmingham, AL 35209

Nelson Brothers
312 17th Street, North

Larry's Fish Pot and Barbecue
2300 9th Ave, North

Seafood & Chicken Box
5954 Chalkville Mountain Rd, Ste 200
Birmingham, AL 35235

Q & S Soul Food Restaurant 205-591-1409
215 41st St S, Birmingham, AL 35222

McKinley's BBQ and Soul Food
1903 Ave. O, Ensley. 785-4101 reviewed here:

Heaven’s Kitchen
1617 Center Point Parkway

I'm certain the west end of Bham is dotted with little fried fish/fried chicken havens that warrant plenty exploring.

I'll be passing through at the end of the year and can't wait to get a nice plump whiting sandwich from a local fry house.

Nelson Brother's Cafe
314 17th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Seafood & Chicken Box
1617B Center Point Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35215

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  1. I've noticed many fish houses popping up, too. I'm thinking one of them is called Hong Kong Fish or something like that? This is in the Woodlawn ---> Trussville area, along US 11. There's one of those places close to Birmingham Southern that *always* gets horrible health ratings, and if I remember correctly, was the place where they were reported by the inspector as stirring sweet tea in a bucket with a sawed-off baseball bat. Anyone else remember the expose that was done on one of the local tv stations about that?

    There's an Exxon/Chevron/etc close to Elmwood with a drive-in that serves whiting sandwiches but it's been so long I don't remember how it was.

    I can say that I revisited Q&S on 41st St (that you mentioned above) a couple of weeks ago and was as unimpressed as I was on a previous visit. It felt as though a can opener was the most-used utensil in the place. That'll be my last visit there.

    I go to Seafood & Chicken box pretty regularly for fried chicken and fried livers but will have to get a sandwich the next time I'm there, and I'll report back.

    I've not before heard of Heaven's Kitchen or McKinley's in Ensley but will check those out in the next month or so - thanks!

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    1. re: deepfriedkudzu

      If they were near Bham Southern I hope they were stirring the sweet tea with a sawed off shotgun-that neighborhood's gotten real bad.

      I know the kudzu family likes to ride around taking pictures and eating so I figure I'll be hearing more from you on the whiting topic.

      3rd avenue West [us-11] out around Legion Field used to be rife with good barbecue and soul food.