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Oct 10, 2010 11:03 AM

Androuet, Spitalfields Market, London

A branch of the Parisian cheesemonger.

Very good nutty pungency in the Emmental used in the Croque Monsier. The ham was nice but nothing to write home about, and the bread seemed plain and somewhat stiff. The thick cut Pont Neuf potatoes was very ordinary, no crispness on the surface, and very slightly mealy on the inside. However the aioli was zesty and lively. Similarly the few leaves of salad on the side were dressed perfectly.

Would probably come back to try the cheese plates; the menu seemed like a work in progress, with a line indicating that more menu items to come.

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  1. oooh great tip. worth schlepping 20 minutes to try their lunch?

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    1. re: howler

      Not totally sure, but definitely worth investigating further. Forgot to mention that they have a solid selection of French cheeses in the cheese shop, which they've also supplemented with a number of English cheeses, as well as chutney and crackers.

    2. hmmm, this is looks like they are open all day? (i am always on the lookout for places that serve wine and food during that 3pm-5pm sweetspot of the day)...

      i might go there sometime this week and check out the cheese plate...hell, maybe even tomorrow :)

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      1. re: Simon

        Looks like they're open all day.