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Oct 10, 2010 09:58 AM

Locanda da Eva dinner

Saw the plea from someone on the hugely long thread on Locanda da Eva (the one that started way before it opened, w/ lots of back-and-forth w/ Robert Lauriston) to start a new thread. Dinner there last night, first time. Lots to like. Like the decor (bright, whimsical). It was full and bustling, which was great to see. Service was first-rate.

The professional server helped me choose a lovely glass of wine for $6. That said, I thought $12 was pricey for a Carpano Antica on the rocks (nearly double Chez Panisse Cafe's price, which is, if I'm remembering right, $7). My husband, a lager-drinker, was delighted at the beer choices.

The kale pizza w/ lardo was quite good--well cooked, nice char, kale delicious--couldn't decide what I thought re the lardo--but it was reminiscent of Chez Panisse Cafe's nettle pizza and pizza w/ greens at Pizziaola--definitely a hit. Other posters had liked the trotter fritter, which we tried--interesting, tastey--not sure it worked w/ the cuke base, wasn't quite tied together. My husband had the calamari starter--not enough calamari, good but not terrific. He also had the chicken-pork-ricotta meatballs--which were again good but not brilliant and should have been served w/ a spoon for broth (we asked for one). He got the farro side, which seemed less than exciting.

He ended w/ the peanut butter ice cream, which, as a peanut butter guy, left him w/ a smile on his face. I got semolini cookies, which were quite nice.

Don't know how to do 2 1/2 stars in the ratings above, but that's about where we'd locate it. Enjoyed, but not wowed. Hoping it continues to get better. Can definitely imagine returning.

Locanda da Eva
2826 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

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  1. Did they get the hint for the ice cream from Miss Chen?

    1. I recently returned after my first meal which was shortly after they opened. After my first visit I felt there was a lot of potential but some rough edges. After my latest visit many of the issues I encountered had been ironed out and I really enjoyed my meal. The service is very good, friendly and professional. Everyone was very accomodating and pleasant. The beet salad was very good and fresh tasting, the fresh ricotta was excellent. The margharita pizza was light, crispy and had fresh clean flavors. The ravioli again was very well done with a great combination of flavors and textures.

      There was even a paper towel option in the restroom.

      My only complaint is that some dishes can be a bit salty which was evident in the roasted pork spareribs.

      Overall, a solid meal from start to finish and a place I will return to again.

      1. I went a little over a week ago, a party of five women, and sat in the front room at the table by the window. I was concerned that it would be too loud, but it was not. None of us had been there before, and we all loved it.
        To start, the cocktail menu was fun, and our bartender took the time to come over and discuss options with us. She was very knowledgable and the cocktails were great. I wanted a manhattan, and she talked me into their version with prosecco, and I was happy she did. Later, the waiter helped us choose a very nice bottle of wine, but I didn't write down the name.
        We decided that the menu looked so good that we would just order a bunch of items and share them all. We started with the beet salad, the calamaria, pork trotter fritters, and something else which I can't remember. I didn't like the prok trotters, but as fritters go, they were nicely done.
        The we ordered rigatoni with the chicken and pork ragu, skirt steak, spareribs, chicken and ricotta meatballs, and the pizza with the sardines. I didn't try the ribs. The meatballs were wonderful, melt in your mouth tender. The rigatoni was tasty, but I guess I had expected more sauce, so I was disappointed. The skirt steak was perfect, and I wished I didn't have to share. I skipped the pizza, but the comments were generally favorable.
        The highlight of the meal were the vegetables. We ordered all four, and I can't rave enough about how good they all were. I could have made a meal of just those (and some skirt steak!).
        We managed to find room for dessert and ordered the panna cotta and the peanut butter concoction. Everything was really nice.
        We all agreed that we would add this to the list of favorite restaurants. I look forward to going back and ordering my very own meal. It was fun to be able to order almost the whole menu, but I really want to go by myself and eat at the bar.
        Service was great (we were probably a challenge, but the staff treated us very well) and the place was nice, though I never made it out of my seat. Parking on the street was easy on a Saturday night.

        1. I'll talk with the bar manager about the Carpano Antica price, that sounds wrong.

          We've had the peanut butter gelato dessert on the menu since July, so no, it was not inspired by the recent thread here.

          1. Had the griddled tongue last night and it was great! Have had the beets and ricotta a few times and they are super. The Gioia ricotta is really lovely. Lots of flavor and a beautiful, light texture. My father loved the trotter late last month, though I was not able to mooch any from him.