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Oct 10, 2010 09:22 AM

New Haven Audubon Arts District

I was checking out this arty area recently, and found the following (if you know other good stuff there, please add to the thread!). Actually, the first two are slightly past the edge of that area, but, anyway....

Marco Polo Pizza (55 Crown St) is the third New Haven place to serve potato this case, it's mashed potatoes. Didn't get to try it (the other two are Prime 16 (172 Temple St) which makes yukon gold potato pizza, and, of course, Bru Rm at Bar (254 crown st) and their famed potato pies. Any spud lovers willing to try and report? I liked a regular slices here.

Olde School Saloon & Bistro (418 State St) has surprisingly good corned beef sandwiches, and they cure their own meats. Only problem is that the meat was overly lean, and the rye bread was fluffy. Fried yucca is unlike any I've ever tried, and I find myself unable to describe it. Pretty good, and I did finish the enormo plate.

Mediterranea Restaurant, 140 Orange St (203) 624-0589, a syrian/italian restaurant had good-looking pizza, but I was too full to try it. A smart-sounding Yelp user (yeah, there are some out there....sorry they're not here) liked their falafal. Any other comments?

Cafe Nine (250 State Street) is a genuine dive gin mill, and the owner, an obsessed music lover, has more density of scheduled music than any venue I've ever seen. Cool place. Sorry, not food (and if there was, I wouldn't eat it).

Outside this nabe, I just wanted to add that I really hate the famed Lithuanian coffee cake at Clair's Corner Copia. It strikes my palate as a big blog of sweet starch. Totally repulsive.

Mediterranea Restaurant
140 Orange St, New Haven, CT 06510

Cafe Nine
250 State St, New Haven, CT 06510

Prime 16
172 Temple St, New Haven, CT 06510

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  1. Only thing I can respond to is the mashed potato Pie at Bar- we get it white, with garlic and bacon, and it is delish. Other "normal" pizzas are good as well, and I love their salad, delcious albeit over-priced.

    1. Do yourself a favor and have Dim Sum at Great Wall between Audubon and Trumbull Streets on Church Street. Carts on the weekends, other days order off the menu, really first class, saves the Never Miss a Meal Club 3-4 hours in drive time to Flushing. If you go later in the day they have a first rate Hot Pot.

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      1. re: chefstu

        I can't find a Great Wall on Church Street. There's a Great Wall way across town, on Whalley Ave, but it doesn't seem to meet your description. And Church doesn't intersect with Audubon.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Church St. actually turns into Whitney Ave. north of Grove. Great Wall is at 67 Whitney Ave.

          1. re: plien69

            Thanks I thought it was still Church.

      2. Caseus, the grilled cheese, THE GRILLED CHEESE!

        93 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06510