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Oct 10, 2010 09:16 AM

Favourite cheese blend for macaroni

What is your favourite cheese blend for macaroni and cheese?

I went to a cheese festival yesterday, and for the first time tried muenster cheese, and thought that it would be WONDERFUL in macaroni blended with some aged white cheddar. At this same festival I also discovered that my palette is not sophisticated enough to accept bleu cheese as a food item lol.

So far, from what I have actually used, my favourite combination is velveeta cheese (it lends a unique texture that I really like), sharp cheddar, smoked cheddar, and parmesan.

So what's your favourite macaroni and cheese rendition?

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  1. Extra sharp cheddar, aged gouda, cream cheese & parmesan.

    1. Extra sharp cheddar and gruyere in the sauce and both plus Romano on top

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        cheddar, gruyere, and sometimes fontina, provolone and romano...

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          tim, I am in agreement re: the combo of extra sharp cheddar, gruyere, and romano on top.

        2. In addition to a good cheddar I enjoy strong cheeses like a little smoked gouda sometimes goat cheese and gruyere is always good.

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            I should add I love the texture that Velveeta gives but hate using it (have a serious issue buying a 'cheese' that doesn't have to be refrigerated) so I've started using a cornstarch and evaporated milk mixture as a base ( modified from ). I prefer this to using a bechamel. I haven't tried an oven macaroni from this though so I don' t know how the cornstarch would hold up under a long bake.

            I modify Michael Symon's goat cheese macaroni from here: If you enjoy goat cheese it's quite good.

          2. Only ever a strong farmhouse Cheddar.

            1. Extra sharp cheddar & smoked gouda together OR Smoked Gouda by itself