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Oct 10, 2010 08:49 AM


I will be in Philadelphia for one day. Tomorrow, Monday. I had one of the greatest meals at Le Bec Fin and was dying to go back but sadly, it is closed for lunch on Mondays. I have a dinner engagement but would love to grab a great lunch. For another place within walking distance what do you all suggest? I will be on Broad St. near the corner of Walnut. Looking for great food. I will be dressed up but if it is casual, that is fine too. Anything mouth watering that is recommended. Many thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. I'd recommend Amis at 13th and Waverly, for a sit-down good meal. Otherwise, if you just want good food, go to the Reading Terminal Market. Get a roast pork sandwich with greens and provolone at Dinic's and top it off with a boozy nutty brownie from Flying Monkey.

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      Great suggestion. Here's a fantastic write up of another visitor's lunch experience at Amis:

    2. Amis is a great suggestion but you could also hit one of the steak houses, they do great lunches. Butcher and Singer, Barclay Prime etc etc

      1. The Oyster House between 15th and 16th on Sansom and The Happy Rooster on 16th N. of Walnut.

        1. It's a bit more of a walk, and byob, so no liquor/wine unless you bring it, but Matyson has excellent lunch and is open on Monday. It's on 19th between Chestnut and Market.