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Oct 10, 2010 08:20 AM

Dinner - One Night – Along Belt/Southern Parkways

I'm making a rare trip to LI for business on Oct 19 and need a good dinner recommendation.

Myself and a Customer (both on government per-diem allowances) are arriving into Newark and driving over to the Uniondale area via the Belt/Southern Parkways.

Looking for a great/casual place along the route where we could a nice meal and a couple of good beers for about $30 a person (Government per-diem.)

Any great (non-chain) American. Italian, gastropub places out there you can recommend?
Thanks In Advance for your thoughts and recommendations . . . .

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  1. I always recommend RS Jones for that area, about a mile and a half off the Southern Parkway. Only card is AMEX, though.

    You didn't mention German restaurants, but I've heard and read good things about the Oak Chalet, also not far from the parkway...

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      i totally agree about rs jones. it was one of my favorite places until i moved upstate. they always have a big selection between the regular menu and daily specials. very friendly and accommodating.

    2. i'm curious where you ended up. please let us know when you can.