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Oct 10, 2010 07:29 AM

milwaukee tips

hello folks,

i'll be in milwaukee for a couple of days next week. looking for some recommendations. i like drinking good beer. i like trying local specialties. i like an upscale place if it focuses on local, fresh foods. and i like trying any sort of ethnic foods. i love farmers markets and anything unusual.

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  1. If it is still warm outside, you must have some custard at either Kopp's or Gilley's. Custard ice cream is a staple in Milwaukee.

    The city is the home of incomparable German cuisine, you might try Karl Ratzch's, http://www.karlratzsch.com/dinner.htm You want to go with the schnitzel, goulash or sauerbraten and spaetzle dumplings.

    1. Need to visit The Milwaukee Public Market. Has a good selection of vendors. St. Paul Fish Market oyster bar is great.
      The Hinterland Gastro Pub has a great menu focusing on local ingredients.
      Roots is a great place to view downtown.
      The Lakefront Brewery has a fun brewery tour.

      Milwaukee Public Market
      400 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

      1. beer/cheese at the cheese bar (good local microbrews too): http://www.wisconsincheesemart.com/th...

        local/seasonal fare done with culinary skill at Roots: http://www.rootsmilwaukee.com/

        1. If I've pasted this link in correctly, there's a wealth of info here, plus a digression chili styles.