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Oct 10, 2010 05:22 AM

Korean Food Primer... in Photo Array, with Recipes -- So You Can "Know That Cuisine!"

This website by a Korean in NYC is quite intriguing for this newbie to Korean cuisine: Maangchi is her name.

The photos of dishes have -- in most cases -- accompanying recipes. I just watched one for LA galbi, and her style and instruction are pleasant and clear.

Here are the photos to get you started:

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  1. Thank you for this, couldn't have come at a better time. I recently relocated, and my only source for Korean food is...myself. :) Her recipes all seem like honest, simple home-cooking, and the discussion and comments help you sort out the authentic details from the adaptations - something I always appreciate when learning to cook a cuisine. I don't mind adaptations, I just want to know when I'm making them. :)

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      Wahooty, I'm happy that you have found it useful, too, and hope that you really enjoy learning how to make Korean cuisine. As a bonus, you'll save money from not eating out as much, too. ;-).

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        Downsizing from Toronto to small-town Michigan is not entirely unlike sensory deprivation when it comes to food. However, while I'm not spending as much on dining out, I'm spending a heck of a lot more on mail order and gas when stocking up on things out of town. So I think it actually evens out somewhere. ;)

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          ah, mail order! that can add up.

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            wahooty, did you see this mail order thread -- sale, sale, sale!

      2. Maangchi has a good site.
        She also has a cookbook or two and a video cookbook that are available at Amazon. Her cookbooks are also available in Kindle editions.

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          hannaone, that is high praise from an expert like you. you have a "cookbook" here on chowhound, too! thank you for that!

          1. maangchi has a free ebook download available of her new cookbook, fyi. the cool thing about the paper version of the cookbook (not sure about the pdf) especially is that it has photos of produce, so that you can take it to the korean market and say, "i want this!"

            she seems really sweet!

            1. here is a primer with photos for Vietnamese food. http://wanderingchopsticks.blogspot.c...

              1. Koreans apparently also like to fight with their food.

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                  haha, that is good to understand.

                  i just realized that we have not heard from hannaone in nearly a year (october 2010 was the last post i see). this is not a good development. does anyone know anything?