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Oct 10, 2010 05:18 AM

Graduation dinner - Chinese food. Central London (west)

Hi all,

I'm trying to decide on a place for my girlfriend's graduation dinner, preferably a Chinese restaurant. So far I'm trying to decide between Min Jiang and Pearl Liang. I'm a regular at Pearl Liang for the dim sum and the lobster noodles, though I'm unsure if it has the ambience for a momentous occasion and if the other dishes on the menu are at the same level as the dim sum and lobster noodles.

I have never been to Min Jiang before and most of the posts in this forum are skewed towards the dim sum and the peking duck. Can anyone shed some light on the other dishes on the dinner menu there?

I am quite aware that the two restaurants are quite different on a price scale and may be difficult to compare directly, but my main concern here is to find an authentic Chinese restaurant with an ambience to suit the occasion. I'm not too keen on an overly posh restaurant with individually platted minuscule portions but rather a place where we can get dishes to share, done to a good standard with an ambience and service to match.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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  1. min jiang's menu is on their website. and the view is extraordinary - but go early so you'll see kensington gardens in all their autumnal glory.

    the duck and dim sum are outstanding. the other dishes are excellent too, perhaps a bit smallish but don't worry, you're not going to get fobbed off by dribs and drabs.

    1. Howler is right Min Jiang will be memorable. If you want a more "party" atmosphere why not try Hakkasan, it is loud and fun with surprisingly good Chinese food (better IMO than Pearl Liang)

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        Thanks for the replies guys. I've made a reservation at Min Jiang. Fingers crossed it'll be a memorable dinner!

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          Enjoy Min Jiang -- I love that place. Be sure to order the Peking Duck as it is the best in the city by far.

          I tend to avoid beef dishes there because they never seem nearly as good, and can have that slimy tenderized texture.

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            I'm going to post a more comprehensive reply about our trip, but we just got back from a long weekend in London and had a really good dinner at Min Jiang. The beijing duck was really great. They give you a traditional presentation and an alternative version with fresh garlic and kimchee-like cabbage. The garlic version really let the flavors of the duck itself stand out. The dim sum appetizer platter was also great, as were the soup dumplings. Get the mango dessert. It's almost a soup like texture, with tapioca and pieces of pommelo in it. It was do delicous and refreshing and was perfect after a very filling dinner.