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Oct 10, 2010 12:13 AM

Ritorno Pizza Asheville - West Asheville

Tried it tonight for the grand opening - 3 weeks after their first day - which seemed like a good idea to iron out the kinks. Place was busy, servers eager and decor and vibe pleasant. However, the food has much room for improvement. The verde salad was borderline soggy with dressing and the pizza margharita was just unexciting. Very -flat- tasting. However, the travesty here was the gelato - how I love gelato - and the gelato was so 'doughy' for lack of a better word, that my cup had fingerprints imprinted into the gelato - the server was wearing disposable gloves - but the point is the gelato was so dense (not in a good way) that he had to cram it into the cup with his hands! Sad - the owners own Nona Mia - which is GREAT - Ritorno I likely won't.

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    1. re: sluggrock

      oops! I knew I had the name wrong (how painfully embarrassing)