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Oct 9, 2010 10:11 PM

Rice Pudding Recipes

I must say that my family (of Norwegian descent) usually has rice pudding during the holidays. Risengrynsgrøt (rice pudding) during the holidays is a staple. But after my grandmother passed away, there was a break from that tradition. Several years ago, however, I found this recipe from Food & Wine for a Moroccan rice pudding that tastes great.


I cut back the sugar and don't add the flower water or almonds. I also use real Ceylon cinnamon (a milder flavor) to top it off. It isn't the same as my grandmother's, but it is good in similar ways. The double boiling process helps out, and the arborio rice gives it a richness that is much better than long grain rice.

I would like to start transitioning this to a hot/savory dish. Does anyone suggestions on how to make rice pudding as a hot/savory dish?

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  1. I'm intrigued, and I'd like to see the recipe but the link is not working for me!

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      The site seems a bit wonky right now. I just posted a reply and now it isn't there. This might be a double post. Check out this recipe link instead.

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        I have all the ingredients except the milk. I have 1% milk, do you think it will work?

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          1% is fine, it just won't be as rich. go for it!

    2. if you Google "savory rice pudding" you'll find a bunch of recipes. you can also draw some inspiration from Asian congee or jook.

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        I've been offline and behind on responses. What I had in mind was a delicate savory flavor. Not a lot of chunky veggies or meat. I sort of feel that if it becomes more chunky it will feel like a a stew or rice dish with just overcooked mushy rice. Why not do regular rice or risotto at that point.

        I like the idea of going the Asian route with ginger, lemon grass, and green onions and maybe some finely diced vegetables -- or another spicy ethnic route. Maybe I could substitute chicken broth for the first boiling and then try some coconut milk for the second boiling.

        Maybe I will serve it with some Asian flavored pickled asparagus.

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          Congee or jook is sooo yummy - my mum always used to make it for me when I was sick. You could also google Avgolemono, which is a greek lemon and chicken soup. I discovered it about a year ago, and it's a new family favourite! I tried to link to the recipe, but the site must have changed in the meantime... I can't get it to work, sorry :(

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            I'll definitely look into that. It is quickly becoming soup season.

      2. do u want to make a savory dish to serve with somthing like chicken? like a risotto?

        if u want to recreate ur grandmas rice pudding try this recipe:

        1 cup short grain rice (look for pudding rice or i think sushi rice might work if u dont find anything els)
        2 cups water
        1 tsp
        2 Tbsp butter
        2 Tbsp sugar

        bring to a boil and let simmer on low heat to almost all water has absorbed.(10 min)

        add 3 ½ - 4 cup whole milk and 1 or 2 sticks of cinnamon and let simmer on very low heat for about 40 min. add some more milk if it looks to thick.
        serve warm with milk and cinnamon sugar

        if u have any left over u can try a simple dessets called "ris a la malta"

        1 cup rice pudding
        2-3 Tbps icingsugar (start with 2 add one more if needed)
        1 tsp vanilla
        ½ cup whipping cream
        1 orange in pices without skin and seeds

        mix the rice, sugar and vanilla. Whip the cream and fold in.
        its normally served with orange pices but other fruits or berries works great too..

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          Thanks for the recipes. I like the cinnamon stick idea and the 'ris a la malta' recipe.

        2. I'm thinking of something between a soup and a risotto. Broth, a little meat, some aromatics like onion and celery. You can focus on a vegetable - chopped spinach anyone? - or an animal protein of your choice. Or a combination. I know Norwegian rice pudding; my stepdaughter has lived there for 30 years. You can cook it the same way, long and slow,. This would work well with Asian seasonings, ginger green onions, soy sauce, Mexican (cumin, a light hit of oregano and a little heat). Just go play with it. Rice isn't expensive.

          1. The Philippines has a rice stew dish cooked with chicken. It's not like pudding (no dairy) but it's very good on a cold day!.

            1. Lightly brown lots of chopped garlic. Set aside but keep the oil.
            2. Lightly brown the chicken in the oil. Set aside.
            3. Saute onions, ginger and the rice in the garlic/chicken oil.
            4. Put chicken stock or water. Put the chicken pieces back in. Season with salt and pepper (lots). Salt is ok but a dash of fish sauce makes a huge difference.
            5. Simmer until the rice and chicken are cooked.
            6. Serve with the fried garlic and chopped scallions on top. It's eaten with a lemon+fish sauce on the side to add as you wish.

            The dish is called arroz caldo.