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Oct 9, 2010 08:35 PM

Any Fancy Romantic Dinner in Toronto?

Hey all,
My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and I want to take her to a nice fancy romantic restaurant. I prefer to eat in a romantic atmosphere such as where the lighting is somewhat dim with candle lights etc. Of course the meal would be just as important as the atmosphere itself as I plan to have a nice steak dinner with some wine. My budget is probably around $200 or so. Any nice recommendations in downtown with great experiences? It doesn’t have to be in downtown, could be anywhere near Richmond hill/ Markham as I don’t mind driving.

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  1. Are you looking for a steakhouse then?

    1. I prefer steak but i'm open for suggestions. I got a friend who recommended me to this place.

      Any good?

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        I think that would be a great option. If you looked at the menu and liked what you saw...

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          it is indeed very good. increase your budget by around 50% and go for the tasting menu!

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            Auberge would be a very nice pick. The entrance is cute for a couple-y picture as well to capture the moment =). It has the added bonus of not being in the downtown core, so less likely to hit traffic or something on the way up.

          2. La Palette in Kensington used to be my go-to place for a romantic meal.

            La Palette
            492 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

            1. I would for sure check out The Corner House near Casa Loma. I think it fits your criteria exactly. It is made up of small rooms, intimate yet doesn't feel crowded. Romantic lighting. And best of all, delicious food. It is upscale but not crazy expensive. You will be well within the $200 budget, including dessert and good wine.

              Corner House
              501 Davenport Avenue, Toronto, ON M3R 4R6, CA

              1. Thanks guys for the suggesitons ! i was thinking of Auberge.. but i've also heard that the atmosphere is for older crowd as both us are in the mid 20's. Would ths place be a bit too "old" for 20-something?

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                  Auberge will have a formal sort of atmosphere - very polished. I don't suspect you will see many 20-something couples, but that doesn't mean you have to feel out of place either. It really depends on your mood.

                  One of the prettiest rooms in Toronto, which also happens to be a steakhouse is the The Fifth. It skews a bit younger than Auberge, and you could even go downstairs to the club after if you want a nightcap. The food is fine, not fab, IMHO, but the room is great.